Thursday, August 7, 2014

Progress Report(s)

Hello everybody!
I have progress reports for three models who are being etched/customized. Sherbet (the horse in this post) is now getting his mapping and detailing. He should be finished very soon. I also have another etchie named Moonshine, who is also currently being etched.

On the other hand.....I have a mare who I have been working on for month's on and off, like most of my customs and etchies. Her name is Calypso. I etched her back in '13, and then in early April this year, I decided to paint over the etched parts. She is a Classic Warmblood mare.

I hope to also finish her this weekend along with the others. She has already started to get her mapping, and has a custom tail made out of epoxy. I am hand-painting her in acrylics.

Have a nice day!


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