Monday, August 4, 2014

A Portrait: Gunner

I am sure many of you know have heard of Gunner, one of the flashiest reiners of all time. Last year he died, and I decided to do a Stablemate portrait of him. CM Gunner was finished last August. I have decided to post pictures about him today because I completed him today one year ago.

The portrait Gunner, despite many imperfections and painting issues, came out very nice. He was finished in glossy sealant. I added a new mane, and male parts to him. The only thing I left out from him looking just like the actual Gunner was a blue eye. I didn't have the paint colors for it.

Here is the actual Gunner. I used these pictures as reference photos.


P.S. The stack of rope halters just keeps growing.......make sure to enter the contest, and thank you to everybody who already has!


  1. Thanks! I hope to do some more "fresh" customs soon, I am working on one, and I have two etchies that are in the making. I need to catch up!


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