Friday, August 1, 2014

DIY Rope Halter Tutorial

I told you yesterday that I would make a tutorial on how to make rope halters. They are pretty easy to make, but be warned: it is really hard to knot a piece of embroidery floss with large hands!

You need:
Embroidery floss or a small piece of cord, thread, twine, nylon thread, or whatever kind of string is in scale to the horse's face.
The model you want the halter to fit.

While you can make rope halters for any scale, I chose to use a Classic for this tutorial because Dexter (the Classic) needed a rope halter. 

STEP ONE:  Measure out about 22 inches worth of embroidery thread for Classics. For small Traditional's use 28 inches, for large models, such as Trooper or SBH Phoenix, use 32 inches. make one end about 3 1/2 inches shorter than the other (don't be afraid to eyeball it). 

STEP TWO: Take a small piece of light colored thread and tie a simple knot in the middle of the loop that is created if you put it like the picture above. That knot will help to get a good start on your rope halter. 

STEP THREE: Make sure that the longer end of the thread is on the horse's left side. Put the knot as pictured below:

STEP FOUR: Make two knots on either side of the horse's head. It should look like this:

Do the same on both sides. 

STEP FIVE: Now we will tie a simple knot with BOTH THREADS to create a little loop down below the muzzle. Then do another knot over the loop knot you just created with BOTH THREADS so that you can secure it. This is important. 

STEP SIX: Do a simple knot again with both threads underneath the cheek.

STEP SEVEN: Now we are going to put the short section of thread away, we are going to use the long one now. Take the thread that you are using and make a simple knot with a loop. 

Note the loop. 
Secure the loop with another simple knot.

STEP EIGHT: Now bring the thread that you just did the loop with across the face to the nose band. Tie a knot over the small knot that you did in the fourth step. Take off the light colored thread. 

Cross the face to the other knot on the muzzle and do it again so that it looks like this:

STEP NINE: Take the strand we put away on the right side earlier and the strand we just worked on and tie them together.  Put both strands over the poll and tie to the loop on the left side. It should look something like this:

Now tie the two strands on the loop that you made in step seven. 


Now Dexter has one like his big friend, Ashleigh!

I LOVE this picture. They are so cute!

All done! 
So there you have it, a tutorial I thought would be much easier to do. It may be a little hard to understand, so just comment if you have a problem and I will answer it as fast as possible. 

I am sorry if the pictures are blurry, my little sister took them and so I had to delete some and use photos from yesterday's halter making session. 

Have a great day, and have fun making your halters!


  1. Tutorials are hard to write! You did a good job.

    Also--are you going to the Red Devil show in Golden tomorrow? I am not showing, but I'll be stopping by at some point to visit. I'd love to meet you if you're there.


  2. I don't know yet...but I would love to come!!! I have wanted to meet you for so long....

  3. What time are you planning to go to Red Devil Live tomorrow?

    I don't know if I am going, but it would probably be in the afternoon if I did.......I will have to see if my dad or mom would like to go to Golden for a little model horse trip!!!

  4. Darn! I'm set to go in the morning. :(

  5. Ooh, tying on a different thread color first is a really good idea. I'll have to give your instructions a try next time I make a rope halter. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. You are welcome! It is a lot of fun to make these rope halters.

    2. Thank u so much I love Dexter!!!! Big fan!!!!��

  6. great... it's just a bit hard to do. But i got it! :)

  7. nice tutorial you have put up dear.i love your collection and work as well as all the DIY's you have done. this rope halter tutorial is great too! will always be a fan .


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