Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rope Halters

Today I made five rope halters. This was the first time I had ever made any kind of rope halter. It was a lot of fun, and I (if all goes as planned) will do a tutorial on it sometime this weekend so that you can make them for your models!

I used more embroidery floss for Heza Copper Cowboy's halter. 

Krypton Kismet does not have his halter on properly  in this photo. 

Get excited, the tutorial will be fun! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Haffy (Half Pint) got a minor impaction colic yesterday,and I spent all day out with her, making sure she was okay. It has been raining all day today...and so her pen is really mucky. I feel bad for Rosie and Haffy during bad weather, so they get extra hay.

A super mucky pen.

"Oh, hello there!"

Half Pint is 20 years old now. She is showing some signs of PPID (cushings disease) but that is unspecified until confirmed by testing. She has coliced (impaction) three times this past year. We have figured out that the culprit is sand (she really likes to lick the dirt) and so she will be taking the supplement Sandclear to allow her to digest the sand without it getting stuck in her digestive tract and large intestine, therefore causing bowel problems.

I hope this fixes her colic issues, because with her getting older, it is more dangerous for colic's to be fatal. Sand colic's typically don't cause fatalities, but it is possible. 

I hope to post again soon!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Etchie In Progress....

I have been working on this guy inconsistently for about six months. He was the 2003 War Admiral in the Man O' War mold. He had some bad rubs, and for him to be photo-show quality, I had to go ahead and etch him. He is IN PROGRESS, only being about 60% done. Here are some pictures of the pretty(ish) boy:
Please forgive the poorly fitted Breyer Halter. 

I will be finishing edges, adding more white, and mapping. He should be finished by the end of the week.

Something totally non-related.....
My friend makes cards and she has a blog called Colorful, Creative, Cards. She makes them all by hand.

Like this one....

Here is her blog if you want to check it out. She would really appreciate it!
Colorful, Creative, Cards


Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Fotos

Pictures of a friends FORMER horse.  He was sold a few weeks back. :(


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rosie's Pedigree

"I want my noms!"
Picture taken in June

If you have been a long(ish) time reader of this blog, than you would most certainly know that I talk about my two mini's more than anything else. One day in December I went over to the former owner's house, where he gave me both of their pedigrees. When I got home I searched Rosie's pedigree up on the internet and what I saw astounded me...

Top part of pedigree
Magic Mans Incognito (Rosie's dad)

Jet Black Frame Overo with 2 blue eyes
Lab Tested: Positive for LWO
Parentage Qualified
Show Record:Grand and/or Supreme in
National Top Ten Stallion
Reserve National Champion
Futurity Class Top Ten Champion
Grand Champion Get-of-Sire

(Magic Man's Incognito far right)

LTD's Magic Man (HOF) Rosie's Grandfather~Dad's side

19 time National Champion!

"In 1999 Magic Man and some of his Get (progeny) were published in the hardcover book, Miniature Horses, their Care, Breeding and Coat Color, written by Barbara Naviaux. In 2000 Magic Man was chosen to be the overo pictured for the AMHA registry color chart guide and inducted into the Performance Hall of Fame for Country Pleasure Driving. In 2000 he was Inducted into the Hall of Fame for Country Pleasure Driving and in 2002 he was Inducted into the Hall of Fame for Open Pleasure Driving. In 2005 Magic Man received the Honor of being named a Superior Sire by having at least five of his Get aquire Hall of Fame Awards!" 

LTD's Diamond Charm~Rosie's dad's mom

A Superior Dam
Dam to Multiple National Champions,
Performance Horse of the Year,
National Grand Stakes Driving Champion &
Multiple HOF Earners!

Magic Man's Grand Slam (Rosie's uncle, dad's side).
2006 Breyer Model

2003 AMHR UNANIMOUS National Champion Open Hunter Under
2003 AMHR National Champion Amateur Versatility Under
2003 AMHR Reserve National Champion Halter Stallion
2002 AMHR Reserve National Champion Multi-Color Stallion
2001 AMHR Reserve National Champion Get of Sire (A)
2000 AMHA National Champion Best Matched Pair
2000 AMHR Reserve National Champion Get of Sire (A)

 2004 RESERVE NATIONAL CHAMPION ~Stallion Pleasure Driving, Under~ 18 entries
2004 RESERVE NATIONAL CHAMPION ~Three - Four Yr. Old Pleasure Driving, Under ~ 15 entries
2004 RESERVE NATIONAL CHAMPION ~ $375.00 Pleasure Driving Stake, Over 32” to 34” ~ 13 entries
Third Place ~ Open Pleasure Driving, Over 32” to 34” ~ 25 entries
EIGHTH PLACE ~ Amateur Ladies Pleasure Driving, Under~ 18 entries

LTD's Magic Man's On Demand~Rosie's great uncle~dad's side
(Strebor Black Magic On Demand's dad)

Strebor Black Magic On Demand of Gentle Carousel Horses~Rosie's 2nd cousin~Dad's side
2014 Breyer Model
Picture from Gentle Carousel  website 
Picture from Gentle Carousel  website 
 Selected "Most Heroic Pet" by the AARP.
Named America's "Most Heroic Pet"
..and more!

 Magic and Hamlet
Shredder~Rosie's Great Grandfather~ Dad's side

"This is the living legend, Shredder, 31.25" black pinto stud who has sired so many National Champions including 19-time National Champion, LTD's Magic Man, and Shredder's Hired Girl." 

Samples Wendy Blue eyed~ Rosie's Great grandmother~ Dad's side
Sample's Wendy's Blue Eyed Crescent

Sample~ Rosie's Great, great, great, Grandfather born 1966-2004~dad's side

That is all for now. I spent way too long doing this blog post.