Thursday, January 30, 2014

Peter Stones

So, as much as I love Breyer horses, I really covet Peter Stones. The thing is, I don't have any of them. But I like to search the websites looking for some that maybe, one day, I can have the money to buy. Here are some of my favorites.

They have the Stone horse site under construction, so the company put up a temporary site to look at the beautiful models.

New Releases

Declaration of War - Bay Roan ISH
Declaration of War-Bay roan ISH  $225.00
Infamy - Morgan
Infamy-Morgan- $289.99
Bristol Bulldog - Gray WE
Bristol Bulldog-Grey WE- $119.99

2014 Stone Horse line

Spumoni - 2014 Pebbles
Spumoni-2014 Pebbles scale- $49.99

Orange Saffron - 2014 Morgan
Orange Saffron-2014 Morgan-$79.99

Toasted Coconut - 2014 WE
Toasted Coconut-2014 WE- 59.99

My favorite out of all of them is probably the Declaration of War horse. I don't really like the Arabian Stones...they have some wonky heads....or so it seems like in all of the pictures. But, it might be just me. I actually haven't seen one in "real" life.


P.S. Pacific Pintos (A miniature horse breeder) has one of her mares due tonight. What is better is that she has Mare Stare, a live camera from the barn so that you can see everything! So, you might see the mare give birth! I just thought that would be cool for you all. : )

Click "mare stare" on the page to see the live viewing.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Frigid Weather

Today is one of those days when it is just too cold. The frost is on the tress, snow on the ground, bunnies hiding in their little tunnels with fur all puffed up. Birds sit on tree branches and watch me walk by. It is just complete...

Then all quietness breaks with a loud whinny coming from the barn. I instinctively know what that sound means. It is a polite way of saying:  "I want my food!!" But I like to think of it as a sweet greeting. "Ah, Half Pint, you little cutie."
 Half Pint

Anyway, I have been busy with customizing yet another Breyer horse. I am 95% done, and I hope to have the horse out soon. I have had that foal for six months!! I gave him a unicorn horn, and a new tail. He is also complete with mapping on his legs! It is a precious looking horse. While I don't collect decorators, I don't think I would mind having the little guy on my shelf next to my other Classic foals.

Just look at that little tail!!
Anyway, I hope to post tomorrow.... busy with Superbowl preparations. If all goes well, I will be dressing the minis up in Bronco colors! Stay tuned!

~CBL (Colorado Breyer/Bronco Lover)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Therapy Horses of Gentle Carousel

My first post of this blog being made public!
Thanks for looking everybody, and I hope that you enjoy my blog!!!
I would especially like to thank Mrs. Jennifer and Ms. Brenda for becoming my first followers!

So, today I was going to do a post on the special models at Breyerfest, but I came across The Gentle Carousel horses (who own Magic and Hamlet, two mini's Breyer just did portraits of) and I fell right in love. As the proud owner of two miniature horses myself, I couldn't help but posting about them today. That special Breyer post will just have to wait. I have always thought that therapy would be a good hobby for my mini's, but this website just sealed the deal.

Here is the link to the website, if you want to check it out:

***Note: all pictures are taken off of the Gentle Carousel Therapy website.****
Here are some of the mini's they use for therapy.



Silver Sovereign


How adorable!!!! I think one day, down the road, I will train either both or just one of my mini's to be therapy horses. And who knows, maybe ten years from now, I can start an organization of therapy minis.

My ten year old miniature horse, Rosie.

~CBL (Colorado Breyer Lover)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Breyer Fest=Guest Horses

Breyer has announced the 2014 BreyerFest, special edition horses, guest horses, events, super cool painting, drawing classes, and live model horse showing. Super cool! Here are some of the guest horses that will be at the Breyerfest. 

Magic and Hamlet~ Miniature horses! : )

GVF Sjokolade

Lil Ricky Rocker


marcus 1

Paddyngton's Mark of Distinction
 ****Note: This model is not to be confused with Chubasco, a limited edition 2006 model in very similar coloring.***

(Chubasco. Remember bought this guy for me when I was seven!)

SBH Pheonix

Gooitzen fan Teakesyl

Part 2 will be on the Special models at 2014 Breyerfest!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More New Traditional's

.....Breyer Horses!

 SBH Phoenix
SBH Phoenix~ Trad. Scale. Wintersong mold...So getting this guy!

 SBH Phoenix
(the real Phoenix).

Frankel~Trad. Scale~Smarty Jones Mold
(the real Frankel).

 GVF Sjokolade
GVF Sjokolade~Trad. Breyer~ "Henry" Mold

 GVF Sjokolade
(The real GVF Sjkolade).

And some more Breyer Trads. who aren't Portraits...
 Mú Wén Ma
Mú Wén Ma~ Woodgrain horse~American Saddlebred stallion mold. (Remember this mold, Mimi? My first traditional someone :) bought me was in this mold). 

 Chinese Year of the Horse
Chinese Year of the Horse~Espirit mold. 

 Let's Go Riding-English
Lets go riding English set. I personally do not like this horse. He is a older mold, and is therefore not very conformation savvy.

 Let's Go Riding-English
..See what I mean??

 Let's Go Riding-Western
Lets Go Riding~Western Set. I don't mind this horse as much...but I (personally) wouldn't select him to be in my collection.
 Let's Go Riding-Western
..But of course, many Breyer horses I have said "no" to online have just swept me off my feet when I see them in stores!!

I will (hopefully) see you all very soon!