Our Real Horses

WWH Triple X Dixie (Ollie)

Owned by: Me

I bought Ollie on October 15th 2014, and he came to my house on October 18th, 2014. 
Ollie is my 6 year old varnish roan appaloosa.  Ollie is a left brained extrovert, so he loves to play and adores children. He can be a little pushy at times, so I am working on that. Because he is only six, he has a little bit of "baby brain" left in him. 

Ollie has great conformation, making him a great candidate for Barrel Racing, Western Pleasure, English Huntseat, Trail, Jumping, Reining, and Cutting, plus cow sports. I hope to do Ranch Pleasure, Trail, Halter, Showmanship, and Maybe Reining.   

Te N' Te Investment

"Billie Jean"

Billie Jean is our 18 year old, 14.2  bay QH mare. We bought her because of her bombproof nature and her trail knowledge. She is a true Steady Eddie who will walk calmly, but also give you a good gallop. We bought her on 9/7/15, and I am excited to know more about this little mare. 

Herby's Rocket Bar (Sherman)

Owned By:Mom

Sherman is my mom's 10 year old Quarter horse gelding. He is Liver chestnut in color. He has cutting and racing bloodlines, making him very well built with a good amount of speed. We got him on 11/6/14. My mom's goal is to trail ride him all over the mountains, plains, rivers, and forests. 



Cheyenne is our 10 year old POA mare. I equally share this gal's ownership with my parents. We bought her on May 25th, 2015...my youngest sister's birthday. I will use her for lessons and just as another riding horse, even though no other horse or pony can beat Ollie. :)

Cheyenne is not registered, and was rescued from slaughter three years ago by her former owners. She is deadly smart, but is super sweet and a forward mover under saddle. 


 Previously Owned By: Me

I got Rosie and her best friend Half Pint, because her former owners were moving and couldn't keep them at the new house. Therefore they offered them to us for free. You can guess what happened then..... :)

Rosie is 10 years old and is  33"  at her withers. She is in training for driving.....and is yet to be attached to the cart. She ground drives very well and loves it.  Rosie is also a trick mini, excelling in bowing and stepping up on a rubber tub. Hopefully if all goes well, she will be rearing on command in a few months.( Note: She was completely green when I first got her, except for basic ground work).   

Note: Rosie can now rear, smile, step on a tub, and bow. I took her to a ground driving clinic recently and she performed for everyone. It was a lot of fun!!!
 Bowing at the clinic.
 At the clinic

Rearing after asking her three times. She picks things up fast!
 (her first driving outing). 

Rosie is an introverted horse, and with me being very extroverted, had made it hard to train her. But after a lesson with Mrs. Tia, a well known Colorado horse trainer, everything went right. I learned that she was scared of me because I was so "command-y" (no, I am not the "You come over here and I will beat you!" kind of person, it was just the way that I carried myself and my "loud" movements,that frightened her) and she wanted me to be her leader, but was unsure with me. After a few tips and some training exercises, Rosie and I really hit home. We started an amazing bond, and I have found her one of the most incredible horses I have ever met. 

One day I decided to look up all of the horses in her pedigree. What I saw astounded me. Her grandfather is a nineteen time nation champion, her great uncle won many awards and was made a breyer horse (Magic Man's Grand Slam), and her cousin Magic who just became a breyer horse this year (2014), and was named one of the top ten history's most heroic animals, to name a few. The rest of her pedigree is amazing as well, but I won't go into detail. :)

Magic man's Grand Slam. Photo from Identify your breyer

 Magic and Hamlet
Magic, from gentle carousal therapy horses.

Rosie loves treats and will do anything to get one. She is quieter than Half Pint, and gets intimidated by too many children. She is one of those "one person only" horses. She doesn't seem to mind dogs barking or trucks moving next to her, but is horrified over the mailbox. We are working on that :).

 Oh, did I forget to tell you that she likes to roll right after her grooming, too?
I love you Rosie.

Half Pint

 Previously Owned By: Family

I got Half Pint and her best friend Rosie, because her former owners were moving and couldn't keep them at the new house. Therefore they offered them to us for free. You can guess what happened then..... :)

She is 20 years old, and is a smallish 32 inches at her withers. She is broke to drive, and one of my favorite pastimes is taking her out around the block. Sadly, due to some lingering arthritis this winter, I have had to cut down her normal exercise and not use the cart as much as I did in the fall. Luckily, this warm weather seems to be helping her, so I might need to dust off that cart!

She has a very interesting color. She looks very much like a bay, but she has a dorsal stripe, tan on her legs, and tan around her eyes and muzzle. So, after much thought, my trainer and I decided that she was actually a dun! I may do a test on her to see (for sure) if she is carrying a dun gene.
 (In the summer, note the dorsal stripe).
"Haffy" is very extroverted, and loves to play with things. She doesn't seem to learn as quickly as Rosie, but her good attitude makes up for it. Her only dislike are dogs. What is interesting is that even though she doesn't (normally) like dogs, she happens to be head-over-hooves in love with our female Golden retriever, Risa. She likes to follow her like she (Risa)is her mother.
Haffy has a soft spot for little children and people. She likes to fall asleep in my little sister's arms. She is the most people friendly horse I have ever met.

She also has a sense of humor..
....and likes to roll right after I finish grooming her!
 I love you, Half Pint.

Owned By: Mrs. June

Tucker isn't our mini. He is currently being boarded here while his owners are building there new house. We will have him for 6 months or so. He is very protective of the mini's, and it is very cute to watch!!!



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~CBL (Colorado Breyer Lover)