Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hot of the workbench

The one I customized is to the right. We had two of the same mold and color so I put them next to each other so you could see how much work I did.

A beautiful buckskin with golden eyes.  Ages ago, when there was a horse with golden eyes, people thought that it was Zeus who had come to earth in the form of a horse, so these horses were always treated well....just in case.         Sorry this is such a short post, but I plan on making the next one a little longer!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Aspen and Flurry

Christmas a drawing near, and so, the new Breyer models for the holiday season start to show. I have already shown you the 2013 Christmas horse, but now Breyer has released a glossy Classic Draft horse named "Flurry".

Sadly, this mold isn't used much. I am very fond of the Classic Draft horse, because the first Classic I bought with my own money when I was seven was in this mold. I forgot what I named him, and after about a year I traded him because he wouldn't stand very well. I miss that horse now.
There's also another a new model up for grabs on the Collector Club...
Brishen mold~ this mold is new for 2013
I really like this mold...but not the color and besides, I am not even in the Collector club! (Although I probably should be)!!
And introducing...
equine horse

Friday, November 8, 2013

Breyerfest 2013

Here are some of my favorite 2013 Breyerfest horses. Usually Breyerfest models have a better paint job than a regular run. "Breyerfest" is an annual weekend of Breyer model showing, meeting famous horses, and having fun held every July at the Kentucky horse park.

Scooting Boogie~ Brishen Mold


Honky Tonk~ Nakota mold

Smarty Jones mold

Paint~Kalahkaari mold

Gypsy Vanner~ Wintersong mold

Grulla Pony~ Bouncer mold

Note: Not any of these horses are available for sale on Breyer. Most are one-of-a-kind.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cool Colors


Horses have many different varieties of colors. Some are much more popular than others. Bay, black, chestnut, white, grey, paint, and some appaloosa colors are all quite well known. Today, though I will show you some not-so-popular colors that I find fascinating.

This is Champagne. It is restively a new known color to the horse world. Champagnes are characteristic to the pink muzzles (prone to sunburn), a range from pale gold to bronze in color, and a rich mane. The eyes are hazel, green, or blue. This horse in the picture below is a little darker than some champagnes, but I thought she was so pretty that I had to post it. This color is commonly found in Quarter horses, Tennessee Walking horses, and American Cream Draft horses.

This is a chestnut rabicano horse. This color is extremely rare, and usually found only in Arabians. The rabicano color (white specks on only the sides of the horse) has only yet recorded appeared on black and chestnut coats. Horses are born with this coat color. It doesn't appear overtime as some horse's spots do (such as bird catcher spots).
This horse is a blue overo paint. This color is hardly found, but can occur in Paints, Miniature horses, Saddlebreds, and a few other breeds. These horses usually sell for a lot of money because if their unique coat color. 
And one of the rarest coats, probably the rarest coat, is brindle. They can occur in almost any breed. Very few of these brindle horses have ever been recorded,  and have the brindle coat colors like dogs do. Brindle can occur in chestnut, white, light bay, and grey colors.
Another interesting color is perlino. This color, in certain lighting, can look pink. Perlino's have a beautiful sheen to them. This color is being looked at closely by scientists. The perlino color occurs in American cream Draft horses, Florida Cracker horses, the Akhal teke breed (pictured below), Saddlebreds, and in some cases, paints and Quarter horses.
This color is called silver dapple. It is a bay coat (diluted black) with a flaxen mane and tail. It may also have dapples. This color is highly prized in the Rocky Mountain horse, but this color will show up in the Saddlebred breed, the Shetland pony, Miniature horse, Morgan, and the Quarter horse.
 The last color I will tell you about is the Paint Sabino. Sabino isn't the actual color, it is way the color is mapped on the coat. I will do another blog post on this, because it can be difficult to explain. It is the rarest of all three maps of color types on the Paint horse. I will get into more detail about this in my next blog post, hopefully. This color only usually occurs in Gypsy Vanners, Spotted Saddle Horses, and Paints.  Sabino's are so rare, I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't seen one. I just had the opportunity to see the first red Sabino Gypsy Vanner imported from England last month. It was so cool!
Enjoy your day!!

Monday, November 4, 2013


One day I offered to redo a friend-of-mine's Breyer horse. It was in a Breyer painting kit. Breyer doesn't offer very good paints to do the job of a stunning horse, though, so she readily handed the mold over to me to do some fixing up. I brought it home, and started to work on it the very next day.

First, I ripped off the mohair that was glued on the horse. Then, I started to prep. I looked over the body of the mold, and scraped off the old paint job. It was very tough. I bought some acrylic paints, paint brushes, an x-acto knife, and some matte sealant. I remade another mane and tail with a special kind of epoxy just for crafting and model horses, and I put some feathers in the legs. I wanted the horse to be a mustang.

I used many paints to achieve the color I wanted. I mainly used the color Burnt sienna for the project. Then I finished off with lots of sanding, more painting, and then many coats of sealant.

TA DA!!! Meet Royal Blood. I love the paint job that I did on this horse, and I hope that I can do something like this again!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My favorite grulla

So, I have tried many times to customize horses, and has failed more than once. Of course, you need a lot of tools to properly remake a model horse, which really adds up for a person who can't make a annual income yet but a few I have managed to complete.
Royal blood~ a commission for a friend of mine.

                                         Indigo, part of my own show string.

Yet, one day, I want to paint a grulla horse. It is one of the harder and more complicated colors for a model person to paint, but hey, everyone has to try, right?

This is the prettiest grulla horse I have ever seen. It's name is Reining in Diamonds, "Cricket" for short, and it is owned by Shining C Grulla Horses. She is a beautiful girl who is currently in foal to Black Tie Gunner.   
......wouldn't it be cool to paint a  (model) horse that looks just like this???

Friday, November 1, 2013


Here are some of 2014 coming collector clubs Breyer horses


2014 Collector Club exclusive~ Kalahkaari mold *****NEW 2013****

2013 Premier Club~ Unknown mold name~Breyer has plans on making this a regular run mold in the future. ******NEW 2013*****

2014 Premier Club ~Wyatt~ *****NEW MOLD 2014*****
2014 Vintage Club~ Belgian mold

Mr. Chips 2014 Vintage club~ Newsworthy  mold

This is a new series to Breyer (for the collectors above) called the "Big Cat" Series. The first big cat that was made was the King Cheetah. The king cheetah has spots a little different to the more popular cheetah that is on TV shows and at the zoo.

                                (King cheetah,  the right)


This first "cat" is called Kimbia, and is in the Smarty Jones mold. I don't really like decorators, but I still think that the overall idea is pretty cool!
I hope you enjoyed this post!!!

***All the horses pictured are Traditional Breyer's****















There are some new Traditional Breyer horses who I am very excited about. I haven't had the chance to get any of them yet, but I might get the Appaloosa Indian pony soon. Oh wait, I can't forget the Christmas horse!!!



 2013 Holiday Horse
  I hope that I can get this horse. I have one in this mold, who is fondly named Paintball. More tomorrow!!!


I am most upset about the newly released but now retired Pinto sport horse. It isn't the best showing horse, but had a very nice color without any over spray, etc.. I will miss that mare.

 Pinto Sporthorse 

Show Awards

I am part of MEPSA (Model Equine Photo Showers Association) and I show my models. This year, after the championship show, I got a box. Not just any box, but my Championship show awards box.

I am very proud of my achievements. I think that I may become a pretty decent shower!!!