Friday, November 1, 2013


Here are some of 2014 coming collector clubs Breyer horses


2014 Collector Club exclusive~ Kalahkaari mold *****NEW 2013****

2013 Premier Club~ Unknown mold name~Breyer has plans on making this a regular run mold in the future. ******NEW 2013*****

2014 Premier Club ~Wyatt~ *****NEW MOLD 2014*****
2014 Vintage Club~ Belgian mold

Mr. Chips 2014 Vintage club~ Newsworthy  mold

This is a new series to Breyer (for the collectors above) called the "Big Cat" Series. The first big cat that was made was the King Cheetah. The king cheetah has spots a little different to the more popular cheetah that is on TV shows and at the zoo.

                                (King cheetah,  the right)


This first "cat" is called Kimbia, and is in the Smarty Jones mold. I don't really like decorators, but I still think that the overall idea is pretty cool!
I hope you enjoyed this post!!!

***All the horses pictured are Traditional Breyer's****














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