Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ollie's New Bridle/Frisky Sherman

Today I went and got my bridle. It just so happened that the bridle that I wanted was not in stock, so I ended up buying a different one. I also got Ollie a new girth because his former one was too big. I had to take apart the bridle to put in the bit he used, but besides that everything went well. Of course, I had to get pictures!!!

It needs to be oiled so that it will be flexible, but I think it is beautiful!!

Afterwards, I needed to clean the stalls, so I let Sherman and Ollie out of the pen they have been cooped up in for the past two days. Ollie wasn't very frisky but Sherman sure was. Here are a few pictures that I got of him. 
(It was also foggy, cold, and frosty, so Sherman's energy was up already). 

Do you have treats???


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ollie's New Getup (and show getup for Western events)

Tomorrow I am going shopping for a smaller bridle for Ollie. Since I have about 150 dollars to spend on a really nice one (and split reins), I have been looking online for really pretty ones.

(I am going to get the chestnut one). I would take the browband off for shows.

These split reins:

Eventually I hope to get these for his first appearance in the show ring:
(Probably not the saddle though. It is extremely expensive).

Western Saddle Pad-$120.00 (I may not end up getting this pad, BUT I will want a Jewel tone blue of some sort).


Martin Versatility Saddle - 15" Finished Seat

$2,812.50 (same as the saddle pad, I may not end up getting this saddle, and while I would prefer something with more silver for the show ring, I will not be going to the big deal shows until 2016, most likely). 

Wow!!! I have got to start saving up for that saddle if I am going to get it by next June. I cannot wait until Ollie and I hit the show ring!!!


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Rosie performing the Spanish Walk. I taught her that!! I am thankful for her

I am thankful for my goofy horse. 


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Google + Community: Model Horse Photography!!

Calling all out model horse photographers!!! If you have a Google plus, feel free to join my new community: Model Horse Photographers. I am looking for realistic outdoor photos that you can show off to other followers. You must have a Google account to join (If you have a gmail, then you have a Google account). Thanks, and have a great day!!! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ollie's Brother And Sister

Every time I research something about my beautiful, hunky gelding I find something else fascinating about him. Last night I was researching his father, when I came across his half brother who was recently sold on horse clicks:

"Additional Comments:
Registered Appaloosa Gelding
WWR King Of Hearts # 655172
Sire: Heart Of Dixie # 541108 (Ollie's dad and dad's family)
Grand Sire: Prince 4 Sure # 440233
Grand Dam: Dixie Freeze # 479628
Dam: Pattern of Plaudit # 415737
Grand Sire: Plaudit's Pattern # T286681
Grand Dam: Plaudits Wavy T139651

Raised king since he was a foal, no bad habits, easy to catch, loads well , halters, stands for farrier..Selling him because of my health. I want someone who will take him to his limit, to finish training him out. He has been rode on numerous trail rides. King, has been ridden with a snaffle bit and does great. He loves attention. King loves to keep the baby calves away from their mothers , he thinks their his herd. He will make a awesome roping horse, or reining, cutting he has it in him. Our neighbor girl has been riding him for the past 2 years and does lots of trail rides as well she has shown him at the Crawford County Fair and has won ribbons with him. King is about 15.1 and weighs about 950 lbs ......Gelded 4-3-2010"

I thought that it was super cool that I had found his half brother, but I was even happier when I found his half-sister, who was just sold in Texas. 


Look at that color!! Once again, same dad (Heart Of Dixie), different mother. I also found some of Ollie's old show records of him as a foal, and he and WWH Outrageous Dixie actually competed against each other! Plus, there was even a for sale video of her!!! 

Oh, and here is Ollie's dad:

And a picture of Ollie as a baby (Yes, he has roaned out that much)!:



What a pretty boy!!!!! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

More Snow

Some of my models are overjoyed and excited when they see snow:



..and some don't mind at all.

Sheza Autumn Storm

Sheza Autumn Storm
...I agree with Kitana and Sheza Autumn Storm.
Enough snow, please!!!!

(Sorry the pic's are blurry, but it is really hard to take a no flash picture in the evening!!!)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

November's 10 Questions

Hello all!
I found these ten questions over at this blog, I thought I would do the ten questions also, so hang in with me! :)

1. Have you ever owned a horse? Yes. I own one horse (Ollie), and one mini (Rosie).

2. What is your favorite aspect of your discipline? I do many disciplines, riding in both an English and Western saddle, but I prefer Western disciplines because I have been riding in that style longer than I have English. Since I pretty much learned what I know now on a western saddle I seem to find it more comfortable. But I will be showing Ollie in English this next show season, and so I guess I will just have to learn to be comfortable with it!!  

3. What pet peeves do you have concerning your discipline? When people are so concerned about one particular set of riding and they bash the other. When I ride Western disciplines and I run into people riding English they tend to get a little "iffy" and "snobby" about my horses clothes. When I ride English discipline's Western people tend to get really snotty about you. That is my biggest pet peeve. 

4. Do you do barn chores?  Oh yes. All of them. I love it, too!!

5. What is your least favorite barn chore?  Cleaning the grooming tools and cleaning the saddle. I would rather be riding, personally. 

6. What do you consider the worst vice in a horse? Spooking and bucking. They can be hard to break, and you can really lose your confidence when you ride a horse who is a spring underneath you, ready to blow at any minute. Yikes. 

7. What saddle brand is your favorite? Don't have one. 

8. Do you ride with a quarter sheet in the winter? Not yet, but I probably will with all of the riding I will do on Ollie during the Winter. 

9. Does your horse wear boots? What kind? Ollie used to wear Easyboots with his former owner, but at this current moment he isn't using any. 

10. Full seat or knee patch breeches? Right now I am wearing knee patch, but full seat sounds nice too. I actually prefer to use jeans with a western saddle. I actually "stick" better. Do you?  

I hope you enjoyed my 10 questions! Kudos to all who have actually read all ten!! I applaud you!  


Gusky Dog

I drew this German Shepherd/Husky dog yesterday. I am working on the colored version. What do you think??