Friday, November 14, 2014

My Show Horse

My mom told me yesterday that because we were so busy we probably wouldn't get a Christmas card with pictures done this year. I reassured my mom that I would take care of the Christmas card, and that is what I did this morning. I picked out the clothes theme, did my sister's hair, found the place for pictures, put the camera on a certain setting, pulled out almost all of our animals, and then my dad took the pictures. I had the pictures edited, and the card done by lunchtime.

Anyway,  my dad took a picture of Ollie and all I can see is SHOW HORSE.

Do you see it?? I cannot wait to get into the show ring this upcoming spring!!
Just because I wanted to (and because I thought you all would like it) I added some more pictures of me with Ollie and my mini, Rosie. 

More about all the horses (and Breyer updates) coming very soon, I promise!!!! :) 


  1. I don't know what you think, but Ollie is photogenic! He is an Appy right? He looks like he would be a great show horse in my opinion!

    1. Ollie is a registered Appaloosa. He was born a blanket Appaloosa, but has roaned out 95% in the past five years (he is only 5 years old). Now he is mostly just pure white with some varnish roan markings. I sure hope that he will have a career in the show ring!!

  2. I can just see it right now, the new Breyer release Ollie! Before you know it, Breyer will be calling you asking if you can bring Ollie to Breyerfest. What mold do you think he would look best in? I'm thinking Roxy or Zippo Pine Bar or even John Henry. Lol

  3. And Sherman should be the Latigo or Idocus mold. Lol

  4. I see him as a Carrick, Idocus, Latigo, and most certainly Roxy. Latigo and Roxy fit him the most, I think. He has good bone, but has a naturally slim build. That is why I was thinking that he may to well in the Carrick mold. That would be the best thing ever, if Ollie and I could go be in Breyerfest. Hopefully in a few years!!!


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