Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tucker, Snickers, and Jimper

We have a few new animal members in the family I think you would enjoy knowing about. ;)

Meet Tucker. He is actually owned by my good friend and horse trainer, Mrs. June. Mrs. June and her husband Mr. Wendell live(d) across the road from our house, but they have property about twenty minutes from here they want to build on, and so they sold the house across the street and have moved into an apartment until they can begin building their house on their land. So, because you cannot keep horses in apartments, Rusty (I love you, bud!) is now boarded at my other Natural Horsemanship trainer Mrs. Tia's, and Tucker is staying here for a year or so. He will probably frequent this blog a lot!!
Mr. Photogenic. 

He is still learning the pecking order......

....but I think he will be fine!!!!

Left to right: Rosie (my mini), Tucker (Mrs. June's mini),  and Half Pint (family mini). 

However, Tucker isn't the only new family member. 

We had too many mice in the

Meet Snickers....

...and Jimper. 

We needed barn cats. We found someone on craigslist who was selling two 3 month old 1/2 Rag-doll kitten brothers, and long story short, they are now ours. Actually they are owned by my younger sisters Brooke and Audra, who have wanted cats for a long time. The girls enjoy leashing them with their harness and walking them around the property. Ah, girls they are barn cats, you know that....right?? :)

I hope to speak with you soon!!

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