Thursday, November 6, 2014

Something Interesting....

While I have a very interesting blog post coming up sometime after this one, I have decided to linger on the fact that we have another silver limited release model.....

Meet Chamonix.
A Silver Ashquar!!
His hooves and pinking on his nose do not match, but I find that no big deal. He and Aspen remain one of my few favorite silver models. Do you all like him too?

Also, I got an email stating that if you bought 50 dollars or more on the Breyer website, you would receive a free calender. While I am not buying any models at the moment much to my despair (just got a horse!) I did notice something:

Do you see it?

It looks like a new Cloud the wild stallion set!!! They have just retired the last two sets that have been around for a while, so I wouldn't be surprised if this happens to be a new set. If so, I am totally buying it, because I love the Palomino Stallion (Cloud)!! 

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