About Me

My name is Alyssa, but on this blog I go by "CBL" (Colorado Breyer Lover). I am sixteen years old. I live out in the country and own my Appaloosa gelding, Ollie. I bought him on October 15th, 2014 and he arrived at my house on the 18th.

I am 100% a country girl and I love being outside. I have been riding horses for over nine years and when I first started riding, I realized it was my passion. I practice Natural Horsemanship and I have done a lot of training with Haflingers, Gypsy Vanners, Quarter Horses, Miniature Horses, Morgans, Paints, TB's, TWH's and more. After I graduate school I hope to go to Clinton Anderson's Academy and become a Certified Professional Clinician, teaching Clinton Anderson's Method.

The Special horses that led me to where I am now:

"Blue Angel"
One of my first riding lessons.
July 2006

My first horse show-July 2010

Me with the Gypsy Vanner I helped train
September 2013


Me Riding Kolki-Icelandic Horse
January 2014
Me with Rusty-my second ever favorite horse. 
Cantering Rusty-June2014

               You can find more about Ollie, and my other horses, on the "Our Real Horses" page.


  1. Hi CBL!
    I have been following your blog for a while now, coming and have a look every so often. I saw that you are moving to Texas and going to Clinton Anderson's Academy. Good luck!

    I have only one question. Will you continue this blog once you have moved? I hope so as I love to read about the horses and see all your model photography.

    I just wanted to say that even if you decide to forgo continuing this blog, thanks for creating something in this world worth looking at and spending time making others feel good.
    P.S. Check out my website: StableStoreys.wordpress.com

    1. I am leaving in two years or so. Hopefully I will still blog, but who knows! You are not supposed to take photos at Clinton's place, and Ollie would be miles away from me (I will be in TX and he will stay here in CO) unless I board him somewhere near Clinton's place. We shall see in time.

      Thank you for making my day! Your comment has blessed me so much.


  2. Hey Alyssa! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for more info. StableStoreys is the blog name.

  3. Alyssa, if you and Ollie would be interested in doing a tack review please contact me at twohorsetack@gmail.com Your horse is beautiful and would fabulous in one of our western bling bridles! Love your blog, just discovered it today, and since my ride is a little half-Appy I have a soft spot for this breed of horses. If you have interest, please just drop me an email Thank you. Jacke


Hello! Feel free to comment....I love to get opinions, suggestions, and compliments. I will answer any questions. If you leave a link to your blog, I will check it out! Thanks, and enjoy Bits and Spurs!

~CBL (Colorado Breyer Lover)