Monday, July 27, 2015

Bobby Jo Mojo

Aww!! In love with this horse. 

Photo by Kristen Beverly, of Five Paws Studio. Check her  blog out here

I hardly ever love a Breyer model as much as I love this one. Bobby Jo is painted as a Red Dun Overo, one of my favorite colors. Because she is a Premier Model, the price for her (if you are part of the Premier Club) is $175.  You can Pre-Order her on MH$P for around $250. I am enjoying the way Breyer has recently been doing a better job in the sculpting department, which adds more realism to the model. Sadly, because I happen to own a horse who eats money and then poops it out, I will not be getting her. But hopefully she will be in a regular run soon enough. :)


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cheyenne Is A Arabian

She isn't really an Arabian, but it sure seemed that way when she was running around in the pasture yesterday afternoon. Because she is grade and not registered, it does make me wonder if she is 1/8 Arab, or 1/4 Arab. POA's already have had Arabian bred into them to help refine the breed (as with most all horses) but she may have a little extra Arabian then what was bred into her foundation breed.

Here are some pictures:

Look at the tail!

Such a pretty girl. :) 


Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I am working on a branch-off from this blog focusing on just Ollie. This new blog has not been released yet, but hopefully it will be soon!! So I did a video for it this afternoon. Enjoy!!


Groundwork with Ollie

Yesterday I spent some time doing groundwork with Ollie. Today I am doing more riding work and because Ollie and I graduated the Fundamentals level of Clinton Anderson (yay! kudos to me!!) we are now doing Intermediate groundwork and are close to being in Intermediate for the riding portion. Here are some pictures for y'all to enjoy. :)

(Note: I only focused on Fundamentals yesterday, and my sister came out at the last minute, so you didn't get to see all of the exercises I did with him, just a few, but I thought you would like pictures anyway!!)

Mr. Handsome

Backing Up-Stage 2-Fundamentals level.

Lunging For Respect Stage 2-Fundamentals Level (using forequarters to turn instead of disengaging hindquarters and then turning a different direction).

Lunging for Respect Stage 2-Fundamentals level

Lunging For Respect (again)

Then I did some work with Ollie at Liberty. 

Disengaging Hindquarters (Liberty)-Stage 1-Fundamentals

Circle Driving (Liberty)-Stage 1-Fundamentals

Changing Direction...

...the finish of Changing Direction-Fundamentals (Liberty)

I love my smart, handsome, Appaloosa! 


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It Is A Blustery Day

This morning I let the horses out to play. It has been rainy and cold-not at all like the usual 90 degree weather we had been having. I hope it warms up soon!

Here are a few pictures:
He looks like an Arab! I fixed his blanket after this photo. 

I see a cow horse! :D 

"Look mommy! Three hooves off of the ground!"

Cheyenne: "Look mommy, FOUR hooves off of the ground!!"

"Hey! I can do that too!!" 

"Um....wait up!" 

"See you later, pretty boy." ;P


Thursday, July 2, 2015

This Afternoon

My sister with Cheyenne, me with Ollie (yes, he has turquoise hair extensions in) and my mom with Sherman. We were going for a walk. 


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Couldn't Resist

Hello, Everybody!!

I went to Big R two days ago and when I walked in I saw Don't Look Twice. I knew I wasn't leaving without her. I had about 8 to choose from, and they were for sale for only 35 dollars. Talk about a deal! I found the best model, and then ran to the cashier.

I have wanted a Roxy model for years now. By coincidence, I never happened to get one. The Roxy mold has been my dream mold, because she looks like she knows her job, is relaxed, and wants to go somewhere. She is also very versatile in Performance classes. Plus, I have always loved cantering Breyer horses!

The Don't Look Twice model I got is just about flawless. No seams, overspray, good shading, eyes, and details to the rabicano pattern on her sides. I love her so much, and I see her as being my next good show mare in MEPSA and the IMEHA. 

Sadly, I do not have a name for her yet, and I am looking for suggestions!! I would really appreciate it if you commented in your ideas. Thanks, and have a great day! Will post more soon!


BTW, none of these photos were edited in any way. This actually how she looks!!