Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Groundwork with Ollie

Yesterday I spent some time doing groundwork with Ollie. Today I am doing more riding work and because Ollie and I graduated the Fundamentals level of Clinton Anderson (yay! kudos to me!!) we are now doing Intermediate groundwork and are close to being in Intermediate for the riding portion. Here are some pictures for y'all to enjoy. :)

(Note: I only focused on Fundamentals yesterday, and my sister came out at the last minute, so you didn't get to see all of the exercises I did with him, just a few, but I thought you would like pictures anyway!!)

Mr. Handsome

Backing Up-Stage 2-Fundamentals level.

Lunging For Respect Stage 2-Fundamentals Level (using forequarters to turn instead of disengaging hindquarters and then turning a different direction).

Lunging for Respect Stage 2-Fundamentals level

Lunging For Respect (again)

Then I did some work with Ollie at Liberty. 

Disengaging Hindquarters (Liberty)-Stage 1-Fundamentals

Circle Driving (Liberty)-Stage 1-Fundamentals

Changing Direction...

...the finish of Changing Direction-Fundamentals (Liberty)

I love my smart, handsome, Appaloosa! 



  1. That's so awesome!!! I can't believe your working at liberty! Your doing such a great job :)

    1. Thanks!! He still isn't perfect at Liberty by any means at all, but it is fun to see where he can be in a few months!! :)

  2. You're doing such a good job with him! He looks wonderful!


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