Monday, September 29, 2014

Spooky/TSC Models/Christmas Horse

Quite a few new models have popped up on the Breyer website and MH$P recently. I will start off with the spookiest looking characters, and make my way to the Christmas horse. Enjoy!

Breyer has already announced their Halloween collection. I am not a big fan of decorator models except for the few that catch my eye, so I will probably not be buying any of these models. 

 It seems as if the Goffert mold has been the go-to model for Breyer in 2014. It was used as the celebration model at Breyerfest, Kashmir in the Big Cat series, and now a Halloween Special called Night Mare. 


Ad photo/image
Also, another surprising mold was used for the second Halloween Horse named Mischief Night. He is in Classic scale....and the last time we was used by Breyer was in 2001. Can you guess who he is?


That is right. The mold "Hobo" was used for the first time in 13 years.  I am sure some vintage collectors are very happy this mold is still in use. 

 Mischief Night
 Mischief Night
 Mischief Night

Like most all Breyer Halloween models, these  horses both glow in the dark an eerie green color. I wish all of you the spookiest kind of luck getting your hands on them. Watch out at night....sometimes the headless horseman needs a new steed. bwahahahahaha!!!

Just so you know: I am not one to scare people, so I am sorry if my spooky comments sound like they originated from a child in kindergarten. :)

The Tractor Supply Company  exclusive models this year are very nice, Travis and Maverick.   Maverick seems to be least preferred out of the two, which would make a perfect amount of sense, being that Travis is in the Carrick mold. Maverick is in the Missouri Fox Trotter a.k.a Iron Metal Chief mold. He is a very pretty dun with points. While I do prefer Travis, I do think that Maverick would look very nice on my shelf. However, I find the MFT models to have really wonky looking legs. 

Photo credit: Jan Banks on MH$P -these two are available for sale. You should go look
at them!
The second TSC exclusive horse is in the ever popular new mold, Carrick. His name is Travis and he is a stunning black and white tobiano. I have also heard that Carrick has uneven legs..but I really want Travis. I just don't want to pay 80+ dollars for him when I am trying to buy a real horse.

Also, the Christmas Horse is available to buy! I have mentioned this pretty boy on my blog before, if you remember from a few months back. Bayberry and Roses is a pretty shaded grey. he does look a little "purple" however but it could just be the lighting on the photo.

It is hard to find a photo of him without his "clothes", but I will keep looking and post it here when I find one.

I LOVE this ornament.I think I will buy this horse, take off his ornament part, attach him to a base, then show him. He is so pretty! Just look at that face!
 Appaloosa Beautiful Breeds Ornament

This is a very long blog post.....sorry about that! I just found I was a little behind in the model horse world than I thought.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Trail Ride

Mom and I went on a trail ride yesterday. I rode Rusty, and my mom rode my neighbor's 22 year old  bay QH gelding, Vegas. We rode five miles, and it was a lot of fun! I will do another post soon. Please remember to enter the giveaway!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Riding Mimosa Part 2

Today I went to go ride Mimosa "Mo". She had a little issue with wanting to run up the stretch of track to the barn at one part, but with a little Natural Horsemanship and patience I fixed it. :)

I used my "portable" digital camera for these pictures, so they aren't that great. After taking pictures with this camera, it really made me thankful for my Canon Rebel XSi at home (the Rebel is the one I use for all of my model horse pictures).

I am still getting used to the English saddle. After riding Western for seven years, it is a big change. 

I loved how Mimosa almost always has one ear towards me. (I talk sometimes when I ride, because I think it comforts them in a way). 

We galloped (and I don't mean any normal gallop, I mean a retired racing TB gallop) a few times. It was so much fun!!!

Mrs. Cara (the owner of Mimosa) has six other horses. I still cannot remember all of the names. :)

Jesse: Morgan Gelding

Lexus (I think that is his name): Saddlebred Gelding

Lynx: Quarter Horse Gelding

 Bay Horse (forgot name): Argentinian Mare
Chestnut Horse (Tina) :Argentinian Mare
 The Argentinian is a very rare breed of horse. They are used for playing polo, and that is what Mrs. Cara and her daughter Kate do with these horses.
The Bay mare is the herd leader. 

Chestnut Horse: Summer (Saddlebred Mare)
I am going to be riding Mimosa till January. I also talked to Mrs. Cara after the ride and she said that she would like me to ride her two favorite horses besides Mimosa sometime: Tina and Lynx. I cannot wait! 

 Just because Rosie (my awesome baby!)is so cute, here is a picture of her eating grass this afternoon.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

P.S. I made in inquiry about this horse on MH$P today:
Photo taken from
Red Rocks Lady Phase-3000 made. (2009)
 I wonder if she will have a new home here with my other models soon! We shall see!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day Of Fall.......

Today is the first day of fall. So, in celebration I have decided to do another giveaway! Please make sure to enter, because it would really make my day (and it will make your's if you win). I am offering 10 rope halters and eight lead ropes in various colors. Have fun, and enjoy the crisp weather!


To Clarify: When I want you to follow my blog....I don't mean Bloglovin or Google+ (but that would still be great!) I mean becoming a blog member. Scroll down till you see "Followers" and then click "Join this Site". Then follow the instructions. Va La!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Stop The Roundup's!

Divide Basin Horses
Picture from The Cloud Foundation

We need to help Mustangs from being round up excessively by the BLM. Today yet another batch of Mustangs were/are being round up. Mustang numbers are plummeting. The BLM is slowly managing these magnificent creatures to extinction. To help these horses, please go to:

If you would like to know more about these Mustang's, the link above will tell you more about them. I have also blogged previously about the Mustangs. Here is the link:


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Foxxy or Not?

My sisters had the brilliant idea of naming all the Traditionals I got for my birthday (this year) similarly. I don't know about it all yet, but I like their idea. If you are confused, it is okay. You will understand by the end of this post.

Formerly: Excalibur
Now: Snowfoxx or Articfoxx


Formerly: Midnight Coyote

Now: Midnight Foxx  

What do all my cyber model horse friends think?
Please comment!

Friday, September 19, 2014

IMEHA: More Results

I got more IMEHA results today. I think I did/have done (their are two more shows I am part of that have not finished) very good so far.

Previous Placings:
IMEHA Div B2: OF Traditional excluding Stone or Resin or China Breed Conformation Show - September 2014
  Spanish Breed - Spanish Non-Gaited Stallion - Andalusian - Espirit - Top of 9 Entries (30 points)
Karen Harper
IMEHA Div B2: OF Traditional excluding Stone or Resin or China Breed Conformation Show - September 2014
Division Reserve Champion
Judge:Karen Harper
Total Points: 40
Bleau Angel
Previous Placings:
IMEHA Div Mo4: OF Breyer Classic or Little Bits Mold Show - 4 Entry Per Owner Per Class - September 2014
  Group 2: KATHLEEN MOODY Molds - American Quarter Horse Mare - 4th of 33 Entries (77 points)
Karen Harper
IMEHA Div B16: OF Breyer CL or LB Breed Conformation Show - September 2014
  Quarter Horse Breed - Quarter Horse Mare - did not place of 41 Entries
Robin Nere

Total Points: 77

Previous Placings:
IMEHA Div B2: OF Traditional excluding Stone or Resin or China Breed Conformation Show - September 2014
  Clydesdale - Clydesdale Stallion - 4th of 23 Entries (54 points)
Karen Harpe

Total Points: 54


Previous Placings:
IMEHA Div B2: OF Traditional excluding Stone or Resin or China Breed Conformation Show - September 2014
  Thoroughbred - Thoroughbred Yearling or Foal - 4th of 12 Entries (28 points)
Karen Harper

                                                                              Total Points: 28

IMEHA Div C3: OF Breyer or Other - No China - No Stone Color Show - 1 Entry Per Owner Per Class - September 2014
  Bay or Brown - Sandy Bay - Light Bay - Gold Bay - 1st of 26 Entries (78 points)
Esther Goodrich-Puffer
IMEHA Div B16: OF Breyer CL or LB Breed Conformation Show - September 2014
  Pony Breed - Light, Sport or Other Type Pony Mare or Gelding - 1st of 21 Entries (63 points)

Total Points: 141

IMEHA Div C3: OF Breyer or Other - No China - No Stone Color Show - 1 Entry Per Owner Per Class - September 2014
  Pinto - Tobiano - Any Other Base Color and white - did not place of 41 Entries
Esther Goodrich-Puffer
IMEHA Div B9: Green OF Traditional Breed Conformation Show - September 2014
  Draft Breed - Other Draft Stallion - 4th of 7 Entries (16 points)
Jean Derench
IMEHA Div B2: OF Traditional excluding Stone or Resin or China Breed Conformation Show - September 2014
  No Am Spotted or Drum or Gypsy Vanner - No Am Spotted or Drum or Gypsy Vanner Stallion - 6th of 19 Entries (32 points)

Remember: These horses and others have other shows that have not been completed. Some of my other models have also placed.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Riding Rusty Part 3/ Riding Mimosa Part 1

Today I rode two horses: Rusty and Mimosa. Rusty has been on this blog countless times (he is in my Google+ picture) but Mimosa "Mo" is new to both the blog and to me. I will start this post with Rusty.

I went over to Mrs. June's house this afternoon. One thing led to another, and soon I was on top of Rusty's back. 
I did do some Natural Horsemanship before I got on, however. 

Asking for a Canter


More Cantering 
Love this picture!

After I rode Rusty my mom, Brooke (my younger sister) and the camera went to Mrs. Cara's house. Mrs. Cara plays polo, and one day when she was playing, another horse kicked her leg. She cannot ride for three months or more, and she has one horse who is a young OTTB and needs consistent riding to stay fit. She called me and I readily agreed to ride her TB, who is fondly named Mimosa, or "Mo". 

First, I watched her daughter Kate ride.  

I walked, trotted and cantered Mo. It was my first time in seven years being in an English saddle. It was very nice and comfortable. So much fun! 

I am going to ride Mo at least three times a week for a month or more. I cannot wait for it to all begin!