Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Riding Rusty Part 3/ Riding Mimosa Part 1

Today I rode two horses: Rusty and Mimosa. Rusty has been on this blog countless times (he is in my Google+ picture) but Mimosa "Mo" is new to both the blog and to me. I will start this post with Rusty.

I went over to Mrs. June's house this afternoon. One thing led to another, and soon I was on top of Rusty's back. 
I did do some Natural Horsemanship before I got on, however. 

Asking for a Canter


More Cantering 
Love this picture!

After I rode Rusty my mom, Brooke (my younger sister) and the camera went to Mrs. Cara's house. Mrs. Cara plays polo, and one day when she was playing, another horse kicked her leg. She cannot ride for three months or more, and she has one horse who is a young OTTB and needs consistent riding to stay fit. She called me and I readily agreed to ride her TB, who is fondly named Mimosa, or "Mo". 

First, I watched her daughter Kate ride.  

I walked, trotted and cantered Mo. It was my first time in seven years being in an English saddle. It was very nice and comfortable. So much fun! 

I am going to ride Mo at least three times a week for a month or more. I cannot wait for it to all begin!


  1. Today was a great day for riding! Glad you got to enjoy it, too. :)

    1. It was a beautiful, perfect day! I had so much fun. I most certainly enjoyed it. :)


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