Monday, September 29, 2014

Spooky/TSC Models/Christmas Horse

Quite a few new models have popped up on the Breyer website and MH$P recently. I will start off with the spookiest looking characters, and make my way to the Christmas horse. Enjoy!

Breyer has already announced their Halloween collection. I am not a big fan of decorator models except for the few that catch my eye, so I will probably not be buying any of these models. 

 It seems as if the Goffert mold has been the go-to model for Breyer in 2014. It was used as the celebration model at Breyerfest, Kashmir in the Big Cat series, and now a Halloween Special called Night Mare. 


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Also, another surprising mold was used for the second Halloween Horse named Mischief Night. He is in Classic scale....and the last time we was used by Breyer was in 2001. Can you guess who he is?


That is right. The mold "Hobo" was used for the first time in 13 years.  I am sure some vintage collectors are very happy this mold is still in use. 

 Mischief Night
 Mischief Night
 Mischief Night

Like most all Breyer Halloween models, these  horses both glow in the dark an eerie green color. I wish all of you the spookiest kind of luck getting your hands on them. Watch out at night....sometimes the headless horseman needs a new steed. bwahahahahaha!!!

Just so you know: I am not one to scare people, so I am sorry if my spooky comments sound like they originated from a child in kindergarten. :)

The Tractor Supply Company  exclusive models this year are very nice, Travis and Maverick.   Maverick seems to be least preferred out of the two, which would make a perfect amount of sense, being that Travis is in the Carrick mold. Maverick is in the Missouri Fox Trotter a.k.a Iron Metal Chief mold. He is a very pretty dun with points. While I do prefer Travis, I do think that Maverick would look very nice on my shelf. However, I find the MFT models to have really wonky looking legs. 

Photo credit: Jan Banks on MH$P -these two are available for sale. You should go look
at them!
The second TSC exclusive horse is in the ever popular new mold, Carrick. His name is Travis and he is a stunning black and white tobiano. I have also heard that Carrick has uneven legs..but I really want Travis. I just don't want to pay 80+ dollars for him when I am trying to buy a real horse.

Also, the Christmas Horse is available to buy! I have mentioned this pretty boy on my blog before, if you remember from a few months back. Bayberry and Roses is a pretty shaded grey. he does look a little "purple" however but it could just be the lighting on the photo.

It is hard to find a photo of him without his "clothes", but I will keep looking and post it here when I find one.

I LOVE this ornament.I think I will buy this horse, take off his ornament part, attach him to a base, then show him. He is so pretty! Just look at that face!
 Appaloosa Beautiful Breeds Ornament

This is a very long blog post.....sorry about that! I just found I was a little behind in the model horse world than I thought.



  1. I have a tractor supply that I'm trying to convince myself to not stop at! :)
    I really like Carrick.

    1. I really want him. I don't know if I should go to my TSC or if I should buy one at MH$P.

  2. I love Travis and was crazy enough to drive two hours to buy him at our not so local TSC. Yep I'm crazy.

    1. Oh and he's only $50 not $80 at least at TCS.

    2. Sweet! I think I will go check him out for sure. Thank you!

  3. On the halloween horses, I am of opposite opinion than you, which is very annoying when factoring in the undoubtedly high shipping costs involved to get any of the two over here, haha.
    Night mare is a definite need for me as a 'classic horror' fan, who can't resist a horse with Nosferatu on it? :)


    1. Really!? I do like some decorators such as Luna, Kashmir, and Twilight Terror but not usually. I might get Mischief Maker though. I like him. :)


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