Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Riding Mimosa Part 2

Today I went to go ride Mimosa "Mo". She had a little issue with wanting to run up the stretch of track to the barn at one part, but with a little Natural Horsemanship and patience I fixed it. :)

I used my "portable" digital camera for these pictures, so they aren't that great. After taking pictures with this camera, it really made me thankful for my Canon Rebel XSi at home (the Rebel is the one I use for all of my model horse pictures).

I am still getting used to the English saddle. After riding Western for seven years, it is a big change. 

I loved how Mimosa almost always has one ear towards me. (I talk sometimes when I ride, because I think it comforts them in a way). 

We galloped (and I don't mean any normal gallop, I mean a retired racing TB gallop) a few times. It was so much fun!!!

Mrs. Cara (the owner of Mimosa) has six other horses. I still cannot remember all of the names. :)

Jesse: Morgan Gelding

Lexus (I think that is his name): Saddlebred Gelding

Lynx: Quarter Horse Gelding

 Bay Horse (forgot name): Argentinian Mare
Chestnut Horse (Tina) :Argentinian Mare
 The Argentinian is a very rare breed of horse. They are used for playing polo, and that is what Mrs. Cara and her daughter Kate do with these horses.
The Bay mare is the herd leader. 

Chestnut Horse: Summer (Saddlebred Mare)
I am going to be riding Mimosa till January. I also talked to Mrs. Cara after the ride and she said that she would like me to ride her two favorite horses besides Mimosa sometime: Tina and Lynx. I cannot wait! 

 Just because Rosie (my awesome baby!)is so cute, here is a picture of her eating grass this afternoon.

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P.S. I made in inquiry about this horse on MH$P today:
Photo taken from
Red Rocks Lady Phase-3000 made. (2009)
 I wonder if she will have a new home here with my other models soon! We shall see!

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