Thursday, September 11, 2014

Photo Showing Tips: Outdoor

Recently, I have been getting emails and comments on my blog about Photo Showing. so, I thought that I would show you all some great tips for getting started in Photo Showing...or just taking pictures of your model for fun.

I generally go outside to photograph my models because I like the natural lighting of the sun better than artificial lighting inside. If taking pictures outdoors, then I would advise you take the pictures either in the late evening or early morning, depending on the season. I personally like to photograph at about noon in the summer.

Photo taken at noon in early July.  

 Shade is also good to use for pictures. Sometimes when you take photo's in shade then your model doesn't stand out as much. I prefer to take a sunny picture, but when you have the right background it can look really good. Shade is good to use for Stablemate scaled models.


If you don't watch where you place your model outside in full sun, you can end up with a picture not worthy of showing. A judge will usually overlook a photo of it is too bright and shiny.

A judge wants to see the full model when they are judging it. A little bit of angle can be very attractive and could even show the model off better, but if the angle is too strong then the judge could think that you were hiding part of the horse, or the judge wouldn't be able to see enough of the model to judge it properly.
This picture is beautiful and attractive, but the judge wouldn't be able to see the
whole body and so it wouldn't place well, or your model could be DQ. 
Lighting is beautiful, color very rich, but the angle is too strong to photo show this picture.

Your background is very important in an outdoor photo. Usually a judge appreciates a little bit of overhead sky and a appealing background. Make sure that your background is in scale to your model. Your footing also matters. Preferably the rocky ground of the above photo isn't the best. Try to think about "would a real live horse put himself in these conditions, or could I make something better for him that would be more realistic?" Another thing to remember is that your background footing and/or  background nature isn't tilted in the picture.

Look at the angle of the cement and the background. A judge will place
a straighter photo higher than this one.  

This picture is OK. Not much gleam on the model, BUT his
hooves are very deep in the thick grass and their is no

This is much better. Some sky, and some grass, which help make
a really good picture. 
Okay, I think I have covered the most important parts of  producing a really good photo. I am sorry if this post has a lot of corrections, but my sisters are playing a movie and I am distracted from it. 

P.S. If you are interested in joining MEPSA (It is awesome!) or you are just looking for more model horse photography tips, feel free to go to the MEPSA website at:

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