Wednesday, September 3, 2014

MEPSA Open Show Results


I entered my first MEPSA OPEN (I was in NOVICE for two years) show a few weeks back. Today I got the results and I was happy,happy,happy. After the crushing "my horses were in the wrong class at the Championship show" blow, I was just well, very surprised by how I placed.

I entered 13 horses, and four placed.

Bleau Angel
2nd place Grey Mare (out of 44)
1st place Classic-sized OF plastic (out of 65)
3rd place Stock mare (out of 74)
7th place Quarter Horse (out of 43)

7th place Stablemate Scale OF plastic (out of 84)
6th place Light Type Stallion (out of 82)
2nd place Gaited breed (out of 34)
7th place Buckskin/Dun/Grulla/Dunalino (out of 49)
1st place Light Mare (out of 34)

3rd Place Other Draft (out of 42)
5th place current Traditional (out of 64)

Once again, Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!

Jasper's pedigree will be up on Wintergreen Park later today, so he will be available for breeding. I reply very quickly!


  1. Awesome!!! Where did you get that cool barn magnum is in?

    1. I got it probably ten years ago for Christmas.....It is made by the brand Melissa and David. Hope that helps!


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