Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Birthday/Kasmir/SM pictures

Sometimes I think I post too much.

Yes, Indeed.

Or, I post about three completely different things all in one post.

Just like I am about to.

Anyway, my birthday was a complete hit. A am missing some photos, but to round it up, I went out to breakfast with my dad, bought Breyer horses, relaxed, had some friends come over, we all hiked, had dinner, ate cake, and then my friends went home and I went to bed. Pretty much a perfect day.
Left to Right: My little sister Haven, My other sister Brooke, me (blowing out the candles), and one of my best friends,
Maddie in the background. 

When I get more pictures, I will probably end up putting them on here.

Anyway....I just found the next Big Cat!

I was wondering when the next Big Cat would come around. It has seemed like a while since Kimbia was released.

A Snow Leopard!!

I have to admit, in a very weird  interesting way, I kind of like him. I probably would buy him, actually. I REALLY like him much more than Kimbia. I also find the coloring fascinating.

Here is Kimbia:

I have always been a fan of Snow leopards. I find them very...mystical.

For a long time, I really liked Cheetah's. Now I am into Snow leopards.

On the other hand, I took some of my Stablemates that hardly ever see the sun outside for a photo-shoot. I counted last night, and I have a grand total of 96 Breyer Horses. It was then when I realized "how much money have I actually spent on these!?"

Princess Cadence 
Snow White

Iron Armor 

That is all for now. I hope you enjoyed my endless rambling!!!


  1. Everytime I look at my horse shelf (which has breyers, schleichs and other model horse makers) and I think to myself: this could be my university tuition right there XD
    But I gotta love my ponies and shall never part with them xD

  2. Same with me. So many!!!! I have over $1,500 in just Traditional's.

  3. Fyi, your blog is really great! You definitely should not worry about posting too much.

    - Woof

    1. Oh, thank you! That is a very sweet thing for you to say. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! My birthday was a lot of fun!


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