Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mrs. June's Birthday :)

Hello all!
 Now that the storm of business has passed by, I am now liable to post again. Of course, I have  many things to tell because it seems that when absent from something, all the exciting things happen! OK, enough blabbering.....I will now proceed and get the point.

So, my horse trainer Mrs. June's birthday was yesterday and I wanted to give her something special to celebrate the occasion. I wanted to give her something that she would really like, but I couldn't think of an item that she really wanted (or needed). One day as I was out in the barn I got a brilliant idea. I ran inside and told my mom. She agreed that it was a good idea. I got to work.....

Yesterday the package arrived. I was so excited and I was worried that in my wild scramble, the gift would get damaged. But alas! there they (!) were, two beautiful......

Mrs. Junes gift.....complete with chocolates! I made a mug using Shutterfly, custom with lots of pictures of Rusty on it. 

When I saw that you could get free shipping in orders of 30 dollars or more, I decided to get a mug myself so that I could get free shipping. I decided in honor of Collin, to make a mug of his Champion photo plastered on the ceramic. I think that he liked it and I sure did!!! I wanted to also make a Collin pillow, but it was a little more money than I was willing to pay, given that I am going to buy breyer horses at Murdochs in a few days.

 ( I am going to have to upgrade the mug when if he places in the Championship show. I am certain that he will). :)

I had my first cup of tea in it this morning. Yummy!
Happy Birthday, Mrs. June!!!!!!


Wouldn't mind waking up to that every morning...  :)
So funny! I guess that horses really do take care of their appearance. :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I am back!! "My Show String" has been updated with more qualifying results! More horses to be added soon. I will post a real, actual post tomorrow hopefully. :) Stay tuned....I am going to Murdoch's this week and new horses are going to make an appearance on the blog!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Too busy

I will not be able to post for around three weeks because I will be very busy. however, I wanted to give y'all a heads up in case you are wondering "Why isn't this girl posting anything"????

I will be back very soon. I promise. :)

Just don't forget about me!!!! Please!

Barrel racing cowgirl


Breyer just keeps getting better

Many new models and other exciting objects have popped up since last week. I am very excited to show them to you!

No. 711189 - Let’s Celebrate 

No. 711195 - Argento - 5 inch Resin on Commemorative base

No. 711190 - Party Animal - Individually numbered 1-750 on the hoof!

No. 711200 - Birthday Cake - Commemorative Stablemate

 No. 711179 - Celebration

No. 711180 Kodiak and Denali

I can't wait till more get released. I am sorry that I can't blog more.....It is a pretty a much Wordless Wednesday.  

Oops, in my last post I forgot the horse of the week! :( But now I will go ahead and show you now. 


Arabian in rose garden

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Espirit/ 2014 CHRISTMAS HORSE!

If you don't want to find out what the 2014 Christmas horse will be, then don't look. I didn't want to find out either, but then I just couldn't resist. Here is the beloved beauty....

He is available for pre-order on Hand H winners Circle, and Golden Oak stables. He is expected to ship mid September/ early October. 

Isn't he a stunner? This model doesn't seem to be very performance savvy, but he would be (beyond question) a good liberty stallion.
At first, I thought that many of the models in the Espirit mold were rose grey/white/grey/ and appaloosa coloring's, but I was wrong.

In fact, I had forgotten completely about the world equestrian games Espirit....

.....and Poseidon. (Which is odd, because I did a blog post on the Greek God's series. Brainwashed).

I own the 2013 regular run Espirit model (who I have affectionately named Loki). He has done very well in his MEPSA placings.

To me, the only con to this model is that you can't  fit a halter on his head, and that his neck is turned to the right. Everything else to me is just pure beauty. 

 .....I think that the 2014 Christmas horse will fit right in. :)


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The horses on my shelf/Phoenix pictures

This blog post was suggested by Brenda

Every model owner's nightmare is to see tumbling horses from a piece of  furniture, desk, or practically anywhere. Well, since my family and I moved, this is where I have the place to put my Breyer Horses. What scares me are that the red bins my sisters use to put their stuffed animals and such into. They have a tendency to slam the bins back after getting something they need.
Well, I have to say, they sure have a good view!!!


On the other hand, Phoenix got some pictures for the May Novice MEPSA show. Isn't he handsome?

So small!



•.•.♡.•.• Mothers True Love by aqhjournal*
(Thinking of you, Mimi)!! :)

P.S Thanks for 2000 views!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fool's Joke

April Fools! Khemosabi won’t actually be the surprise models for BreyerFest, but the set WILL be up for grabs in the Silent Auction!

#BreyerFest #AprilFools

Photo: April Fools!  Khemosabi won’t actually be the surprise models for BreyerFest, but the set WILL be up for grabs in the Silent Auction!
#BreyerFest #AprilFools

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A suprise Breyerfest horse

Hello all!

 Breyerfest preparations are well under way, and new horses just keep getting released for the special event.  Breyer notified via Facebook yesterday another horse release, and it would be a model made in 1990 (the same year that the first Breyerfest was celebrated). Here are the horses (posted today).
Photo: Surprise!  In honor of both BreyerFest and this famous Arabian sculpt’s birth in 1990, we’ve done Khemosabi in sumptuous decorator colors!  Wow!

Read more about it on Breyer News!
It is none other than four decorators in the Khemosabi mold! I happen to really not like this model. It's body looks like a sausage, and its tail looks like a green bean.  It seems that many other people don't as well, when looking in the comments on the "Breyer news" page.  However, I really like the face of the plain blue one. I wish that you could take off the head and put it on a body equally as beautiful!

Moving on.....

Another surprise guest horse has been announced...and Breyer has made a model to go with the likeness of the guest horse. Meet Novelisto D, a PRE Andalusian stallion who was chosen for the role of Athansor, a big white stallion in the new movie "Winters Tale," released on Valentines day.

The model portraying him is just as unique. I mix of both the Brishen mold, and Laredo. 
Originally, Laredo was a spin off of Brishen, the same mold just without the wild hair, feathering, and the "icing" look. However, with  Novelisto D, it seems like the top half of the new mold is Brishen, and the bottom half is of Laredo. 

(c) Janice Cox

Laredo, 2013 Breyerfest horse.
Brishen, 2013 new release mold. I own the Gypsy Vanner in this mold. 

I actually like the "new" mold out of the two other models. I love the Brishen mold, but Laredo looks a little "funky." I have never seen a Laredo in person before though, so I really wouldn't know. 

Well, I just happened to think that maybe Breyer is doing this because of April Fools!