Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Espirit/ 2014 CHRISTMAS HORSE!

If you don't want to find out what the 2014 Christmas horse will be, then don't look. I didn't want to find out either, but then I just couldn't resist. Here is the beloved beauty....

He is available for pre-order on Hand H winners Circle, and Golden Oak stables. He is expected to ship mid September/ early October. 

Isn't he a stunner? This model doesn't seem to be very performance savvy, but he would be (beyond question) a good liberty stallion.
At first, I thought that many of the models in the Espirit mold were rose grey/white/grey/ and appaloosa coloring's, but I was wrong.

In fact, I had forgotten completely about the world equestrian games Espirit....

.....and Poseidon. (Which is odd, because I did a blog post on the Greek God's series. Brainwashed).

I own the 2013 regular run Espirit model (who I have affectionately named Loki). He has done very well in his MEPSA placings.

To me, the only con to this model is that you can't  fit a halter on his head, and that his neck is turned to the right. Everything else to me is just pure beauty. 

 .....I think that the 2014 Christmas horse will fit right in. :)



  1. He's okay, but Esprit is so overused in my opinion. I'm not a fan of the mold, but I'll get him anyway just because he's the Christmas model.

    He looks very similar to the 2013 "Lusitano" model, but when I saw him at the BEB in person, he's very different. Much richer coloring. His color contrasts with the costume quite nicely, I think. Even though the costume does appear to be cheap quality (and looks to be difficult to put on and off, that's for sure!), it's not too bad.

    I would like this mold much better if he was an conformational nightmare. Like Laredo. Ouch.

  2. Yes, I do have to agree that he is overused. I noticed that the Christmas horse looks very much like my "Loki". (Can't you tell I am a fan of Marvel Movies)? I didn't end up getting the 2013 Christmas horse. but I was planing on naming him Thor.

    okay.....I am going off topic. :) Yes, I completely get what you mean about the mold, and I do agree with you, even though I do like him! :)


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