Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Breyer just keeps getting better

Many new models and other exciting objects have popped up since last week. I am very excited to show them to you!

No. 711189 - Let’s Celebrate 

No. 711195 - Argento - 5 inch Resin on Commemorative base

No. 711190 - Party Animal - Individually numbered 1-750 on the hoof!

No. 711200 - Birthday Cake - Commemorative Stablemate

 No. 711179 - Celebration

No. 711180 Kodiak and Denali

I can't wait till more get released. I am sorry that I can't blog more.....It is a pretty a much Wordless Wednesday.  

Oops, in my last post I forgot the horse of the week! :( But now I will go ahead and show you now. 


Arabian in rose garden


  1. I love the classic model. It looks to be a revamped version of the Sir Buckingham resin, with a new mane and tail. And I like the touch of the years and celebration models printed on it. The plush is cute, but another poor cropping job.

  2. Very true. I hope that the classic comes out on a normal color as a regular run for fall of this year or as a new model next year.


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