Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mrs. June's Birthday :)

Hello all!
 Now that the storm of business has passed by, I am now liable to post again. Of course, I have  many things to tell because it seems that when absent from something, all the exciting things happen! OK, enough blabbering.....I will now proceed and get the point.

So, my horse trainer Mrs. June's birthday was yesterday and I wanted to give her something special to celebrate the occasion. I wanted to give her something that she would really like, but I couldn't think of an item that she really wanted (or needed). One day as I was out in the barn I got a brilliant idea. I ran inside and told my mom. She agreed that it was a good idea. I got to work.....

Yesterday the package arrived. I was so excited and I was worried that in my wild scramble, the gift would get damaged. But alas! there they (!) were, two beautiful......

Mrs. Junes gift.....complete with chocolates! I made a mug using Shutterfly, custom with lots of pictures of Rusty on it. 

When I saw that you could get free shipping in orders of 30 dollars or more, I decided to get a mug myself so that I could get free shipping. I decided in honor of Collin, to make a mug of his Champion photo plastered on the ceramic. I think that he liked it and I sure did!!! I wanted to also make a Collin pillow, but it was a little more money than I was willing to pay, given that I am going to buy breyer horses at Murdochs in a few days.

 ( I am going to have to upgrade the mug when if he places in the Championship show. I am certain that he will). :)

I had my first cup of tea in it this morning. Yummy!
Happy Birthday, Mrs. June!!!!!!


Wouldn't mind waking up to that every morning...  :)
So funny! I guess that horses really do take care of their appearance. :)


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