Friday, June 26, 2015

Cheyenne Day 11

I didn't get any pictures for days 1-9 of groundwork (days 1-5) and riding (days 6-10) but today I did get a few photographs.

When I first got her: 

Hated water
Hated Plastic
Was very fast at the trot and canter
Wouldn't let you touch her nose
Wouldn't let you touch her ears

Now just so you all know, I knew Cheyenne had these problems when I bought her, and I got her as a partial project to work with my new Clinton Anderson Methods.  After her being here for a week I started doing groundwork. I did just groundwork for one week, and during that time her pushiness, disrespectfulness, and head-shy attitude all dissipated (for the most part).

 Then I got to riding.

The first Clinton Anderson Cruising Lesson I did with Cheyenne was pretty easy. She was very, very fast at the trot, so much so that I didn't even bother to canter her, and decided that I would have to work on the trot until the trot slowed down. After day 3 of riding (so, the 9th day of the training), it was pretty slow, and on the 4th day I cantered her (the 10th day of training). She was also quite fast at the canter (duh, she was a barrel horse) but I just sat on her back while she went tearing around the round pen for about 6 minutes. Then, she started to slow down and over time, got slower and slower. Today she is light years ahead of where she was and although she is by no means a "slow horse" yet, she is getting better day by day.

Trotting nicely on a loose rein. 

Then I tried something. 

Cheyenne had hated water, so I had worked with her on the ground in the water a couple times. But after I finished riding her I decided to see how she would do under saddle. 


.and trotting!

Cheyenne went right into the water without any resistance and did great! I was so happy. 

Cheyenne is doing very well, and I feel that it won't tale her long to slow down her canter. She has got a great mind on her (she is one of the smartest horses I have ever met and picks up new things quickly), and I cannot wait to use it to it's full potential!


P.S. I got her a cute Weatherbeeta blanket because the mosquito's were bad and were biting her pretty good on her stomach. So, I got her a basic pony 600 denier turnout sheet. Here is a picture:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An Old Friend

Last weekend I saw someone who I haven't seen in almost 10 months. Do you all remember Rusty, the Haflinger gelding I rode for quite some time for the past two years? Well, I went out to go see him and Tucker on Saturday. Rusty immediately whinnied to me, and I ran over as fast as I could to see him. Mrs. June and I put him in his stall, and then he and I hung out for an hour or so. I found his itchy spots and I just pampered him, for the most part.

That feels so good!
Will post more soon!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Update On The Horses


 Hello, Y'all!

 It has been a while, hasn't it? I am sure you all are just itching for a update on the horses. Enjoy!!


 I have been really busy with our new horse  pony, Cheyenne. I retired her from barrel racing and am working on her speed. She is fast, but is also quite smooth, despite her straight shoulders. She has found good balance while carrying a rider at a fast gait, so it will be more difficult for her to slow down her speedy lope. I do not have any pictures of me riding her yet, but I will soon.

She has finished all of Clinton Anderson's Fundamentals groundwork. She is VERY smart and quick (as you already know) on her feet. She catches on to things incredibly fast and enjoys a job. Right now she does need a more confident rider to tell her what to do, but the more I work with her, the more I am chipping away at her barriers (she isn't spooky at all, but she likes a leader so that she does not have to make decisions). She wouldn't let anyone touch her muzzle when we first got her, and the former owners tried to use grain to help her with that, but it didn't work much. Now I can put my while hand on her muzzle and she is pretty good with it. She was pretty bad at disengaging her hindquarters when I got her, but now she handles it like a pro. I think she will work well with my family once she is fully trained through the whole Clinton Anderson Method.


I do not have a blog big enough to describe the love I have for this horse. He has finished the whole Fundamentals Groundwork and is almost done with the riding part of Clinton's Fundamentals series. He is so slow now and lots of people, including my trainer,  have said he is ready for Ranch Pleasure classes at the Appaloosa shows. He is learning collection and proper canter departures right now, and he is doing well. He is so smart and just loves people. I got Clinton Anderson's whole bridle, bit, rein, and slobber strap set and Ollie loves it so much. He really reaches for the bit, which is something he hadn't done with his other bits, and is very soft in the mouth with it. He is no longer headstrong and does not try to fight me with nearly anything. When I ask him to canter or gallop, he does it willingly and does not swerve a 90 degree angle when he is running at dead speed when we are on the trail (which is what he used to do about 4 months ago). and easily stops. I ride him on a very loose reins with one hand and very little contact (or no contact) with my legs when we are riding on the trail now. 

I am trying my best to grow out his tail. I have been using MTG for the past week and his hair has already grown 3/4 of an inch (in one week!).  I want him to have a really long tail and mane. It is already long for an Appaloosa (who are notorious for having skimpy manes and tails) but I would like it is long as possible. 

I do not have much of anything on Sherman, but I am working on him a little bit. My mom is cantering him now in the round pen and he is doing well. He will probably go up for sale soon, but we are not sure yet.  Stay tuned for more updates on him!!