Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vet Appointment/Snow

Hello Everybody!

So, last Tuesday the vet came out to our barn for a regular checkup. Rosie and Half Pint needed their teeth floated and Sherman needed some lameness work done on him.

They had to sedate Rosie and Half Pint first. They put the "sedation drug" into a needle and thrust it into a big vein in the middle of their neck. I thought it would take a few minutes to work, but Rosie (who went first with the teeth floating) was out within a matter of 15 seconds. 

They put an interesting contraption on her face that kept her mouth open. 
Then they looked into her mouth with a light to check to see how and her teeth were. The vet said that these minis were the best looking he had ever seen physically and that their teeth looked great (but they still needed a little floating). 

The vet took a big dremmel and filed the teeth down. It was so cool to watch!! 

Then Half Pint went. 

As seen in the pictures below, the sleeping drug did not wear off for about two hours. 

Sherman then had his lameness test. He is slightly lame (on a scale from 1-5 a 2)  on the right side and we are considering doing hock injections. 

So, the weather had been very fair to us for the month of February, but this past week, all of the snow came falling down. We got about one foot of snow from last weekend and this afternoon the snow came down again, with another 6-8 inches expected. Yay. :/ 

The horses love it though. Before the "big storm" I let them out to run around a little. Ollie usually doesn't buck or run much, but he did when I let him out!

All four legs off the ground!!!

Portrait Shot

Sherman was wondering why the round pen was closed.

 Then the snow came DOWN.


After the big snow, I let the horses out again. Ollie acted like he had before...full of young horse energy. Surprisingly Sherbert (who loves the snow and loves to run) was very calm and didn't hardly break into a trot when I let him free.  

Rosie was not happy with how high the snow was. She followed my tracks. Such a 
sissy!! :) 
"I'm freeeeeeee!!"

He calmed down after a while, though. :) 

Brotherly (although they are not brothers) love. 


Sunday, February 15, 2015


Breyer has surprised me again.


..Want a cute little stuffed animal horsey??? Well, you now have three choices to choose from on the Breyer Website.


How cute!! 

As for an update on Ollie and Sherbert, they are all doing well. Because this weather has been fairly mild I have been riding a lot on him. We go do pet sitting jobs around my neighborhood together. :) 
Say "cheese!"

Mom and I have also been riding frequently!!! It is a dream come true!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Story Of The Horse: Mavis

Hello Everybody!!

Once again, it has been a long time since I have done a Story Of The Horse post. Today I decided to do it on Mavis, one of my newer models, who is also known as Cosette to other model hobbyists.

I got Mavis for Christmas last year (2014. To me "last year" sounds like 2013, so..just clarifying!! :D) She was on the top of my wishlist. She was a limited edition Classic in the rare Arabian Mare by Maureen Love. In fact, the last release of the mold before Cosette was in 2005. 

Limited to 2500 pieces, Breyer had decided to take an old mold and give it a new re-vamped color. Cosette most certainly has some pretty bad conformation for a model (besides Khemosabi. That mold is Nothing can get much worse than that in the Breyer factory) but her coloring was just so beautiful, so I decided that I wanted her. 

She was/is super photogenic, and it seems as if every angle on her is attractive. I am very pleased with her and love to photograph her!

Mavis is an Pintabian, a mix between an Arabian and a Paint. I decided to name her Mavis after the movie Hotel Transylvania because Cosette seems high strung (sort of) and full of energy, just like the Mavis in the movie. 

Look at that head!!! 

If you do not have Cosette yet, I would highly suggest her. Especially if you like to take pictures of your models!!! :D 


Sunday, February 1, 2015

The BCS Winter Photo Challenge

When I saw the photo challenge over at Braymere Custom Saddlery, I knew that I would have to be part of it too!! So, without further ado, welcome to the Bits and Spurs entry in the BCS photo challenge!!!!!!

1.Vintage-These are my oldest models. I got them both from MEPSA awards. Can you guess what years they are from??

2. Nekkid-"Hey, where is your blanket???"

So, for the next prompt "Scale issues" I was going to go with this photo....
..but then I thought to myself "I can do better then this.."

Do you see the Stablemate????? THIS is a scale issue!!!! 

3. Scale Issues
Ollie did great with this photo, but it was still very hard for me to take it because the model kept falling off of Ollie's back. 

So, the Ollie picture is my official entry for the prompt "Scale issues."

4. I see Spots

Mom and Baby (Theodora and Quimby). 
5. Unbridled Passion

6. Rare Breed-This is my first medallion. I finished it yesterday. I sculpted and painted it myself. :) However, because it is my first one it is a VERY rare breed. 

7. Portrait- Because no post is complete without a picture of Collin!!

8. Conga-I have a lot of two and three horse conga's..many more than I thought I did!!!

9. The Great Outdoors-I love this photo!!

10. Best In Show-Ashka is most certainly my best model in the MEPSA photo shows I do with her. She is great!!! 

I hope you enjoyed this photo Challenge as much as I did putting it together!!!

Oh, I have updated my blogroll so that you can enjoy more model-related posts. Trail Blazer Farm is one of my newest favorite blogs. She takes a lot of photos and writes very well. You should go check her out!!