Monday, February 9, 2015

Story Of The Horse: Mavis

Hello Everybody!!

Once again, it has been a long time since I have done a Story Of The Horse post. Today I decided to do it on Mavis, one of my newer models, who is also known as Cosette to other model hobbyists.

I got Mavis for Christmas last year (2014. To me "last year" sounds like 2013, so..just clarifying!! :D) She was on the top of my wishlist. She was a limited edition Classic in the rare Arabian Mare by Maureen Love. In fact, the last release of the mold before Cosette was in 2005. 

Limited to 2500 pieces, Breyer had decided to take an old mold and give it a new re-vamped color. Cosette most certainly has some pretty bad conformation for a model (besides Khemosabi. That mold is Nothing can get much worse than that in the Breyer factory) but her coloring was just so beautiful, so I decided that I wanted her. 

She was/is super photogenic, and it seems as if every angle on her is attractive. I am very pleased with her and love to photograph her!

Mavis is an Pintabian, a mix between an Arabian and a Paint. I decided to name her Mavis after the movie Hotel Transylvania because Cosette seems high strung (sort of) and full of energy, just like the Mavis in the movie. 

Look at that head!!! 

If you do not have Cosette yet, I would highly suggest her. Especially if you like to take pictures of your models!!! :D 



  1. She does have a gorgeous head and beautiful conformation!

    1. ..and she is super great to photograph!!! :)

  2. Cosette, Cosette, oh were we dreaming when we met~

    Aaaa, she's so pretty! If shipping wasn't horrible, I'd have snagged her a while ago. Though I still wait in hope that breyer might make her a Marius to match haha
    (Or a Valjean, also very acceptable)
    (((I just want endless les mis horses shush)))

  3. hahahah! Your comment made me laugh! She is beautiful. :)


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