Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sonsela-Mid States Distributing Model

Hello everyone!! Sorry (how many times will I say that?) that I haven't posted! I have been on vacation in Florida then I started school again. Yay.

On the other hand, I haven't bought many model horses this year. I don't have much room for them left, so I am only choosing the ones I really like and am quite selective about the model quality now.

Until I saw Sonsela.

Yeah.....she did have some flaws, but she was so pretty....forget about the quality control.

Sonsela is a 2015 Mid-States Distributing model. The swishy tail version of the Lady Phase molds, in a beautiful bay appaloosa blanket. She also has a star, small stripe, and socks on three of her legs. 

Next to my long tail Lady Phase version mare, Sheza Autumn Storm. 
Because this is a intricate appy pattern, I knew she would have flaws (true to Breyer's quality control..though it has gotten better. Kudos to them on that!). Still, a pattern like this is not typical of "normal" runs. 

I will get better pictures when I can...

 My Sonsela has some masking problems, a minor ear rub, and a weird bit of striped shading on her stomach on her left side (picture above). But besides that, she is beautiful, and I am so happy to have her!!

More posts to come soon. 


Friday, August 7, 2015

Pasture Pictures


If you all would like to see more about this can read about it here:


I am going to post about another (new) model tomorrow, so stay tuned!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

....We All Knew It....

Remember this guy??

Okay then, you may not know who he is as a young colt, but maybe this picture will help your memory..

That is right. American Pharoah is racing and Breyer did what we all expected (or hoped, anyway). 

Yes!! A Traditional American Pharoah in the Ruffian  mold WITH a shortened tail! (We don't want the SBH Phoenix tail mistake on this model, do we?) 

Short Tail

Long Tail
But that isn't the only model that is going to made in honor if American Pharoah's Triple Crown win.

Are y'all excited for the new American Pharoah models?


P.S. Don't forget to look at my new blog,!!


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Monday, August 3, 2015

Factory Flaw Find

I went to Murdochs last night and browsed the Breyer section. The isle was very picked over, but I found some nice Stablemates.  As I was finding out which one to buy, I noticed that one of the G3 Tennessee Walking Horses didn't have a star, while the others did. I was so happy to find a factory "flaw" model! I snatched both the one with the "flaw" and the one with the star and brought it home. 

I am sorry I don't have any other pictures, my nice Canon Rebel is in the car my mom took to run some errands, and so I only had my little pocket camera.