Tuesday, August 4, 2015

....We All Knew It....

Remember this guy??

Okay then, you may not know who he is as a young colt, but maybe this picture will help your memory..

That is right. American Pharoah is racing and Breyer did what we all expected (or hoped, anyway). 

Yes!! A Traditional American Pharoah in the Ruffian  mold WITH a shortened tail! (We don't want the SBH Phoenix tail mistake on this model, do we?) 

Short Tail

Long Tail
But that isn't the only model that is going to made in honor if American Pharoah's Triple Crown win.

Are y'all excited for the new American Pharoah models?


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  1. I am actually disappointed that breyer did him on the Ruffian mold. I was hoping for a new TB mold!

    1. That is true. A new TB mold would have been even better..especially since the quality of the new molds is really improving!



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