Monday, August 3, 2015

Factory Flaw Find

I went to Murdochs last night and browsed the Breyer section. The isle was very picked over, but I found some nice Stablemates.  As I was finding out which one to buy, I noticed that one of the G3 Tennessee Walking Horses didn't have a star, while the others did. I was so happy to find a factory "flaw" model! I snatched both the one with the "flaw" and the one with the star and brought it home. 

I am sorry I don't have any other pictures, my nice Canon Rebel is in the car my mom took to run some errands, and so I only had my little pocket camera. 



  1. I am the same! I love finding factory flaws on models. And comparing the different painting on Schleich models. Cause their painted by hand they all turn out slightly different.

    1. I agree!! Factory flaws are the coolest!! I hope I can find some on a Traditional one day.



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