Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To The Gallop!!!

I rode Ollie for 6 1/2 miles today. 2 miles (total) of it was galloping and fast, fast cantering. we went 3/4 mile straight at the gallop!! He loves it. I am deciding weather to pursue endurance, or show ring type stuff for him. I am torn apart, because he has outstanding conformation, which would make him a winner in the show ring, but I think that he would enjoy endurance more. Even if I choose not to go the endurance route, I think I am still going to do a 15 miler with him next April with my Natural Horsemanship trainer, Mrs. Tia. 

Here is the sweaty boy after 15 minutes of cooling down.


Monday, October 27, 2014

First Snow!!!

We have now officially welcomed freezing cold, bone-chilling wind, loads of snow, and heavy-duty waterproof jackets into our normal daily lives until April. Yipeeeee.... :(


Note: I am not bashing on Colorado. I love where I live, and I hope to stay here for the rest of my life. Trust me, plenty of warm fall days await us sometime down the road. CO isn't always bitter cold!!!


Everything At Once/2014 Discontinued List

It seems as if Breyer has dumped a bunch of good models on us within this month!! Of course, now that I have a new horse, I am not able to afford any of them for another three weeks or so. :)

1. Travis and Maverick


I have already mentioned these horses on my blog before. They are Tractor Supply Company exclusives, with a limited run. I have also raved about Breyer using the Carrick model for the 2015 Premier Club model and this year's Bone Fete. You can read more about them here

2. Classic Limited Runs

These are also TSC limited runs. however, I saw the Appaloosa set at Murdoch's, even though they aren't a Tractor Supply Company store. Hmm.....
Of course, since my new horse happens to be an appy, then I will most certainly be getting the first Classic set. :)

3. Sahran. 

While Sahran has been out for a while, he was officially announced as available by Breyer a few days ago. he is also another exclusive that is only sold at selected Breyer retailers. 

4. Poncho and Champ
 Poncho and Champ
I have also mentioned these foals on my blog before. They are Breyer website exclusives. You can read more about them here

5.  Halloween Horses
Once again, I have already talked about these horses on my blog. Go to this post for more information here

6. Premiere Club Announcement. 
The Premiere Club has been announced for the 2015 season!! I have never been part of the Premiere Club, but I think I am going to be part of it this year because of this: 

Join Now! The 2015 Premier Collection is Now Open for Membership!
View this email in your browser
 Join the 2015 Premier Collection Today!
Exclusive Brand-New Sculptures!

The Breyer Premier Collection is a Collector Club program designed to celebrate the artistry of model horses with Connoisseur-level decoration on brand-new, never before released sculptures!

You must have purchased a Collector Club Membership
on or after August 1, 2014 to join!

Hermosa and Corazón - 2015 First Release Set of Two!
Sculpted by Brigitte Eberl - Decoration by Gretchen Oneail
2015 Artists:
Brigitte Eberl, Morgen Kilbourn and Kristina Francis!
Each inaugural Breyer model in the collection is hand-painted with extra attention to detail and comes with a certificate of authenticity, embroidered drawstring pouch and color gift box. The second and third releases will be revealed just before shipment.

Receive exclusive access to new sculptures in 2015 with the Breyer Premier Series Collectors Club and other special bonuses including:

  • Opportunity to win valuable prizes including original artwork and mounted first production pieces
  • Frameable prints of original sketches
  • Opportunity to suggest new designs for 2016, an e-newsletter, special offers and more!

Free Bonus! Mini Stablemates Set! Hermoso and Corazón

Who doesn't like a free Stablemate?????

Now, on to the 2014 discontinued list:

1225 Cloud's Legacy 4-Horse Set
1391 Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions 4-Horse Set 
1433 Padré
1437 Appaloosa Foals Gift Set
1446 Overo Pinto Mare and Foal 
1485 Guy McLean's Nugget with DVD
1490 Zenyatta's First Colt - Cozmic One
1493 Sgt. Reckless - Korean War Hero
1494 Northern Dancer - Legendary Thoroughbred
1496 Ballou - Champion Hunter Pony
1498 Lusitano 
1499 Sshameless++ - Champion Arabian
1701 Trooper - NAPEC Winner 
1704 Lindsay's Faith - Mustang
1715 Year of the Horse - ltd 2014
1717 Mu Wen Ma -- Woodgrain - ltd 2014
715005 Black Caviar
285 Cavaletti Set - not performing
1388 Summer Turnout Set
2020 Winners' Circle Accessory Set - bring back refreshed in 2016
2032 Dressage Arena - bring back in 2016 - 1,000 pcs
2035 Metal Livestock Corral
2039 Shipping Set
2040 Quilted Blanket and Hood Set
4113 Deluxe)Model)Horse)Sculpting)&)Painting
4135 Learn)to)Draw)
4158 Mare)&)Foal)Painting)Kit
934 Silver)Bay)Mustang)
936 Grullo)Morgan)
942 Colorful)Foals)I)Bay)Pinto)&)Chestnut)
61019 Doll)and)Accessories)6)pc)Asst
61045 Eva,)Saddle)Up)
61047 Pet)Sitter
61057 Barrel)Racing)
61058 Show)Jumping)
Traditional Series Horses 
Traditional Series Tack and Accessories
Activity Sets
Classics®61062 Horse)Blankets)&)Halters)6)pc)Asst)
61076 Show)Grooming
61079 Plank)Jump
62040 Horse)and)Foal)6)pc)Asst)I)NEW
62114 2014)Horse)of)the)Year)I)Amelia,)Appendix)Quarter)Horse
66003 Singles)12)pc)Asst
8250 Breeds)of)the)World)I)American)Quarter)Horse
8251 Breeds)of)the)World)I)American)Saddlebred
8252 Breeds)of)the)World)I)Arabian
8253 Breeds)of)the)World)I)Andalusian
8254 Breeds)of)the)World)I)Clydesdale
8255 Breeds)of)the)World)I)Mustang
8256 Totilas
8260 Breeds)of)the)World)I)8)pc)Asst
8262 Royal)Blood
8263 A)King's)Mount
8264 Wild)Bronc
6146 Chico's)Challenge
61125 War)Horse)Joey
6501 Big)Red)Barn
6502 Big)Bounce)Pony
5365 Farmyard)Friends
5366 Ranch)Friends
5376 Horse)Crazy)Create)&)Color)Barn
5413 Horspital
5414 New)Arrival
5422 Horspital)&)New)Arrival)4)pc)Asst
5423 Farmyard)&)Ranch)Friends)4)pc)Asst
5908 Singles)24)pc)Asst)
5933 Country)Fair)Wagon)
5979 Polka)Dot)Parade)
5980 Show)Stoppers)
5991 Gift)Pack)6)pc)Asst)
6131 If#Wishes#Were#Horses)I)A)Kona)Story
6140 Heads#Up#Horses!)I)A)Kona)Story
6141 Horses#Her#Way)I)A)Brisa)Story
6142 A#Horse#of#Course!)I)A)Sumatra)Story
6143 Hungry#As#a#Horse)I)A)Sirocco)Story
Little Bits
Wind Dancers®
Horse Stories6149 A#Horses#Best#Friend)I)A)Kona)Story
6150 Merry;Go;Horses)I)A)Brisa)Story
6151 Horsey#Trails)I)A)Sumatra)Story
6152 Magic#Horses#;#Or#Not?)I)A)Sirocco)Story

The list makes me a little sad.....


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Riding Ollie

Yesterday I rode Ollie out in the front pasture. he is so incredible!! My sister got 837 pictures of me riding him, so I had I lot to choose from! His canter and trot is just so smooth. I am riding him again later today. :)

Because Ollie was doing so well, I let my younger sister Brooke ride him at the walk and trot.  

Okay, I will try to stop posting a bunch of pictures on here of Ollie soon. :) 


Monday, October 20, 2014

WWH Triple X Dixie (Ollie)

Ollie's full name is WWH Triple X Dixie.

I have been extremely busy......with my new horse.  What else!?

Ollie is a wonderful boy. He still has a little bit of baby brain, but it hasn't gotten him into trouble yet. He absolutely ADORES humans and has a lot of affection for them.
His walk, trot and canter is beautiful and his back hardly moves as he runs. He is so comfortable that I don't have to post on him!!! I am going to have my first official ride on him tomorrow. I have only ridden him one other time when I went with the intention of buying him last Wednesday.

So, I thought that I would bombard you with pictures of my horsey. You asked for them!!! :)
He loves his Jolly Ball. 

He is a great horse to take selfies with. He will just stand the whole time!!!

Pretty boy. :) 


Saturday, October 18, 2014

He's Here!!!

...and I am so excited!!! 
I will do my first groundwork session with him tomorrow. :) We will see how it goes!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Unexpected Suprises

While Ollie/Jasper (I seem to be leaning more towards the name Ollie because my dad thinks Jasper is too feminine for a gelding) was quite a surprise, I was even more surprised when I got an email from Devon Comstock, who won my recent rope halter giveaway....

"Hi, I just got the halters! They look awesome. Thanks so much for sending them :) Included a couple of pictures!

- Devon 

*Feel free to use anything in this email on your blog ;D"

So, I thought I might as well show you her pictures....

I am so glad that you enjoy them, Devon!! They look so good on your models. :)

I got this also in my email inbox.....
...and this.....
2015 Collector Club Model-Tallulah.
I think I am going to be part of the collector club now. this.....

These two foals are Breyer website exclusives. I think I will get them, after I finish buying everything for Ollie/Jasper. I cannot wait for him to come tomorrow!!! I will talk in more depth about Poncho, Champ, and the 2015 collector horse soon.