Monday, October 20, 2014

WWH Triple X Dixie (Ollie)

Ollie's full name is WWH Triple X Dixie.

I have been extremely busy......with my new horse.  What else!?

Ollie is a wonderful boy. He still has a little bit of baby brain, but it hasn't gotten him into trouble yet. He absolutely ADORES humans and has a lot of affection for them.
His walk, trot and canter is beautiful and his back hardly moves as he runs. He is so comfortable that I don't have to post on him!!! I am going to have my first official ride on him tomorrow. I have only ridden him one other time when I went with the intention of buying him last Wednesday.

So, I thought that I would bombard you with pictures of my horsey. You asked for them!!! :)
He loves his Jolly Ball. 

He is a great horse to take selfies with. He will just stand the whole time!!!

Pretty boy. :) 



  1. Oh my gosh! He's sooo cute! Thanks for the pics... hope to see you soon!

  2. I think I am going to see you on Wednesday.....

  3. Rebel would be the perfect name!

    1. hmm....that is most certainly an option.

  4. He's just too adorable. Seems like he has a great personality too!


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