Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Guest Post-The Last Gallop

Hello Everybody!
I am sorry that I didn't blog earlier, but I have something special to post. I got an email in my inbox from a model horsey friend of mine this evening. She had sent me a bunch of fall pictures and a story starring Forest (in the Frankel model). With her permission,I have decided to post it here. Enjoy!!

The Last Gallop
By Sydney Fabis
Forest remembered summer well. He loved the cross country races and the humid air. He knew fall was approaching soon but he knew that it would be a while before things changed. There was an Indian summer and Forest believed that perhaps this year summer would last forever. However one late October afternoon he felt the crisp air chill. He twitched his ears to listen to the wind. It said, " Run for the last day of summer, run Forest run!" Forest knew what needed to be done. He jumped the fence and took off. The sun light glinted off his coat as he sped up, chasing the light.

He made his way onto the dirt race track and escaped into the muddy sand lot.
Forest felt the wind in his mane, encouraging him to run faster. His face was getting cold, but who would want to stop now? This was the fun part! 
Forest's legs were getting sore and his muscles were getting tight. He felt that he could run with summer forever, escape the fall and miss the freezing cold winter ahead. 

Forest made a grand lap around the farm passing everyone. The farm hands chased after with halters and treats while the instructor had to stop her lesson to stare. A man working with his roping horse followed in hot pursuit behind the beautiful bay. Forest knew he had to stop so he run back into his paddock, sweating and chuffing. He collapsed from his over whelming run and slipped into a long slumber. He awoke the next day sore and miserable and realized it had snowed. He let out an angry whinny and kicked the door. The cold winter soon came to the farm And the children were happy. Forest was angry and hated the white stuff, but he knew it would end soon. Spring was almost around the corner. Forest thought about his run every day and knew he had outrun summer. And Forest knew that it would one day come back for a rematch.

P.S Thank you for allowing me to share your story and pictures, Sydney!! I am very jealous of your Frankel.  


  1. Thank you so much for posting this!!! This is so great. Thanks friend!

  2. You are super welcome, friend!!


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