Friday, October 17, 2014

Unexpected Suprises

While Ollie/Jasper (I seem to be leaning more towards the name Ollie because my dad thinks Jasper is too feminine for a gelding) was quite a surprise, I was even more surprised when I got an email from Devon Comstock, who won my recent rope halter giveaway....

"Hi, I just got the halters! They look awesome. Thanks so much for sending them :) Included a couple of pictures!

- Devon 

*Feel free to use anything in this email on your blog ;D"

So, I thought I might as well show you her pictures....

I am so glad that you enjoy them, Devon!! They look so good on your models. :)

I got this also in my email inbox.....
...and this.....
2015 Collector Club Model-Tallulah.
I think I am going to be part of the collector club now. this.....

These two foals are Breyer website exclusives. I think I will get them, after I finish buying everything for Ollie/Jasper. I cannot wait for him to come tomorrow!!! I will talk in more depth about Poncho, Champ, and the 2015 collector horse soon.


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