Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The horses on my shelf/Phoenix pictures

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Every model owner's nightmare is to see tumbling horses from a piece of  furniture, desk, or practically anywhere. Well, since my family and I moved, this is where I have the place to put my Breyer Horses. What scares me are that the red bins my sisters use to put their stuffed animals and such into. They have a tendency to slam the bins back after getting something they need.
Well, I have to say, they sure have a good view!!!


On the other hand, Phoenix got some pictures for the May Novice MEPSA show. Isn't he handsome?

So small!



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(Thinking of you, Mimi)!! :)

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  1. Oh no! I'd be so worried my horses would start jumping off that thing after my sisters slammed the little drawer things hard. Hopefully you can eventually move up to something more stable. :)

  2. Yes, I am really hoping for that. Sadly, we don't have any extra space for teetery models at this moment. :(

  3. Thank you! I love him very much.


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