Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A suprise Breyerfest horse

Hello all!

 Breyerfest preparations are well under way, and new horses just keep getting released for the special event.  Breyer notified via Facebook yesterday another horse release, and it would be a model made in 1990 (the same year that the first Breyerfest was celebrated). Here are the horses (posted today).
Photo: Surprise!  In honor of both BreyerFest and this famous Arabian sculpt’s birth in 1990, we’ve done Khemosabi in sumptuous decorator colors!  Wow!

Read more about it on Breyer News! http://www.breyerhorses.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=5823
It is none other than four decorators in the Khemosabi mold! I happen to really not like this model. It's body looks like a sausage, and its tail looks like a green bean.  It seems that many other people don't as well, when looking in the comments on the "Breyer news" page.  However, I really like the face of the plain blue one. I wish that you could take off the head and put it on a body equally as beautiful!

Moving on.....

Another surprise guest horse has been announced...and Breyer has made a model to go with the likeness of the guest horse. Meet Novelisto D, a PRE Andalusian stallion who was chosen for the role of Athansor, a big white stallion in the new movie "Winters Tale," released on Valentines day.

The model portraying him is just as unique. I mix of both the Brishen mold, and Laredo. 
Originally, Laredo was a spin off of Brishen, the same mold just without the wild hair, feathering, and the "icing" look. However, with  Novelisto D, it seems like the top half of the new mold is Brishen, and the bottom half is of Laredo. 

(c) Janice Cox

Laredo, 2013 Breyerfest horse.
Brishen, 2013 new release mold. I own the Gypsy Vanner in this mold. 

I actually like the "new" mold out of the two other models. I love the Brishen mold, but Laredo looks a little "funky." I have never seen a Laredo in person before though, so I really wouldn't know. 

Well, I just happened to think that maybe Breyer is doing this because of April Fools!




  1. I think it's quite funny so many people took the Khemosausage joke seriously. I mean really, Breyer wouldn't reveal the *surprise* model, let alone use Khemo! Haha!

    1. I know, that is true. It was funny to read the comments on Facebook, though. Many people were horrified!


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