Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ground Driving Clinic

Please remember to not copy these pictures without my permission, unless they are members of CDS.

Hello! Today I became a member of CDS (Colorado Driving Society) and went to my first clinic. I brought Rosie, who is a good ground driver but has yet to accept the cart. Mrs.June (actually, Mr. Wendell) trailered Rosie, and then went back to get Rusty.  Thank you so much for dong that, Mrs. June (and Mr. Wendell)! I met many people and had so much fun!! I got lots of pictures......some good and some not-so-good. The outdoor arena had a great backdrop and many of the pictures taken out there were fantastic. Enjoy!
Rosie getting tied up. I put paint in her mane and tail, hooked her to a red,white, and blue lead rope, and red and blue leg wraps were used as a fun color theme.

Rusty. He is so stunning, isn't he?

 The horsey volunteer for the clinic was a Friesian!

The clinic was so interesting that the dogs even paid attention!

Brushing Rusty's coat.

After I finished grooming him. He is my favorite horse in the whole world, (not including my mini's).

We had "lessons" with three to four people in an arena at a time with Mr. Rob (the clinician) after lunch.
Me with Rosie. We were using the indoor area at the time.

Afterwards, the onlookers (other members who were waiting for their turn), asked me to show them Rosie's tricks.


The rest of the "lessons" were all done outside.


Afterwards, I just went around taking pictures of horses.

........Look at this guy's eye! Half brown, half blue. 

The other side was just full blue.
Big and small.

All in all, I had an absolute blast (I love horses, and their people)! and I can't wait till another gathering of the club for some fun! I am so glad to be a member, and I know that I will learn so much from them.

Thanks everybody!

~CBL (Colorado Breyer Lover)

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  1. Great Post Alyssa! I think Rusty is my favorite - Gorgeous horse! Mrs. K


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