Thursday, March 6, 2014

Haffy's Eye

So, yesterday after I had finished driving Rosie, I went back to the barn to find a cabinet tipped over and medicines, spray bottles, grooming supplies, horse blankets, and more scattered on the floor. There standing next to it was Half Pint. She had gotten out of her stall and had tipped over many things trying to find grain (luckily, it was in the adjoining stall that was latched shut). I ran over to her and looked her over. She seemed fine, but then when a started to pat her cheek, I noticed that it was wet. I stared at her eye and noticed that she had it closed. she tried to rub her head on me, and she wouldn't let me touch her eye. Dad looked her (he is a chiropractor and natural health doctor) over, and said that it was just a eye injury and that she would be better in a few days. I put a fly mask over her and then gave her some grain and hay, before going inside. This morning I went out and decided to take some pictures to show you. She is doing very well, but it will take a few more days for it to heal.
  Still curious. "What is that thing...."

  She has some eye boogers here,but I didn't want to touch her eye if I didn't have too.

  Side view.
 The eye is a little swollen, and she can only open it half way. But, she is getting better!

But, just like her usual self, she is very happy. :D

Oh, and here is another Breyerfest horse that was just announced as a Store Special. She has mapping and horseshoes. I want!

No. 711191 - Champagne Wishes


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