Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

On Friday my family and I went to downtown Denver for the three day annual Rocky Mountain Horse expo. It was the first time I had ever been to it, and I found it enjoyable. (I mean, which horse lover doesn't find it enjoyable)? I met a lot of friendly horse people, and spent some time talking to a miniature horse breeder. I am sorry for some of the blurry pictures, the good camera is broken so I had to bring my small one. But I have to say, it is hard to capture non-blurry action pictures with any camera!

It was raining when we got to our destination.

A pack mule I saw once inside the building. I found this very interesting for future tack reference!

We saw many vendors and went down to the stalls to see horses.

Some didn't seem very interested to see us...

......But others did. 

My dad and I came across this mule. My dad wants a mule someday, but I don't love them, and so I am trying to persuade him for a horse instead.

I came across this horse who was for sale..
What is unique about him is that he had a golden eye!

The horse above had a friend of his that was also for sale. 
Isn't he pretty?

 This one was very friendly.

Then we went to the warm up area and watched a magnificent horse and rider. They had perfect sliding stops, turns, canters from a walk, and just overall grace.

 I happened to come across the horse in his stall later after he had been worked. 

Then I went and saw some Icelandic's....

..and miniature horses...my Mini's are 32" and 33" inches tall, and they were 22" and 25" inches tall! I have never seen a horse ear so small.

After viewing the merchandise for sale some more, I happened to come across this...
I ran to the other side and saw Phoenix! I bought him quickly and then opened him when I got home.
I have to say that he fits into a Breyer halter better than I have ever seen on any other horse. I am sure that he will be on many other blog posts! There is one to cross off the checklist for Red Devil Live!

The Rocky mountain horse expo was a lot of fun. I can't wait to go back next year!



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