Thursday, March 13, 2014

Greek Goddess Aphrodite

Breyer just released the first horse in the Greek Goddess series Hera, but then back-to-back released yet another Greek Goddess: Aphrodite.

I must say that I like Hera better, both in mold and color. I don't think I know of two special run models being released so close together. Some speculate that it may have been the BEB(Big easy Bash) issue, but know one really knows for sure.

 I have heard that she is a good all-performance horse for both photo and live showing, but I seem to like the Rugged lark mold better. I don't have any in this mold, so I don't think that I will try to get her at all, but who knows? But I am sure that if I did want her, I would get Hera on MH$P first.

However, I do like these Strapless:

Pottery Barn Kids~2009

Bees Knees~Special Run of 80 made, 2012 Breyerfest

Well, tomorrow I am debating on a blog post about my wishlist horses, or my Phoenix's pedigree. Guess you all will find out tomorrow! (or next week, whenever I can publish something).



  1. what breed is this

    1. It could be multiple breeds. While the Strapless mold us usually used as a Thoroughbred, Paint, Appaloosa, or Warmblood type horses, you can usually use your imagination with its breeding origin.


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