Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rosie's Training Part 2

Trick Training

So, I have been teaching Rosie some trick training. At first, I used a small wooden bird house that was upside down for her to step on, but then she got so good that I have been using a big, rubber tub for her to stand on. I am also teaching her to "smile", "bow", "lay down", as well as saying "yes", and "no." Hopefully, after some time I will teach her to rear on command. Here are some pictures of her recent "show."

On the old birdhouse. Don't worry, I made sure that it was completely safe!

I think that she likes the tub better!

She got so good that I have taken her lead rope off and just by saying "go and step up", she will get on the tub on her own!

Like this......
She likes to stand there, and sniff the tub. Here she is lowering her neck to sniff it.

Then she gets her funny, quirky side. See the tongue out her the side of her mouth? That is the cue for: "I want my treats."

Here I am with her......

Posing!  On a side note, I was pretty tired and worn out that day, we had had friends over that afternoon, and they had just left. That explains the messy hair. : )

Anyway, on the model side of things, Breyer doesn't have any Breyerfest News, or new models for that fact. However, they did have this cute printable drawing of SGT. Reckless on their Facebook.

That is all for today....hopefully my next post will be model horse related! :D

Flint, all grown up, extraordinary Prior Mountain wild Mustang
Flint, Cloud's son and

all grown up, extraordinary Prior Mountain wild mustang.



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