Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rosie and her Harness training

So, Rosie (my chestnut mini) used to be a shy, scared, frightful mini under harness (very introverted)...and when she was just out in the pasture. She used to not move a single inch when the harness was on, and when she did move, it was it a body jerking bolt or she would spin around to face me or Mr. Hall, who was helping me train her. So, with the help of friends and trainers like Mrs. June who owns Rusty, a haflinger, and Tucker, a mini across the street from our house, to the local renown Colorado trainer Mrs Tia, Rosie began to improve. I worked on her being more extroverted, bringing her treats and doing trick training to build her confidence. I then started to work her under harness again. She did much better. I have decided to put around ten miles of mileage on her before trying to hook her up to the cart.  We have already gotten her desensitized to the sound of the cart, which she was really afraid of, but she needs more time before she is actually hooked up to the cart.  I had a neighbor help me out with this today. She drove Half Pint and I drove Rosie at first....and then we would switch horses.

 Starting out. What a great day!

 At a trot.
 She tried to be sassy here.....but she was good after that.
 Here I am driving Half Pint, and my friend is driving Rosie.
After my friend went home, I jogged over to Mrs. June's place and then we did some more work with her. I mostly got videos, but here are a few pictures.


 I love you Rosie, thank you for being my mini!

I will have a post on Half Pint Tomorrow if all goes well.


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