Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Castlewood Canyon

So, on Saturday my family and I went hiking up in Castlewood Canyon. I did something I have never done before: I brought three stablemates with me on this trek to take some beautiful pictures with the nice background scenery. The thing was, we were climbing rocks and jumping across a slow part of a river and they were in my pocket!! In my defense, I did not know that I would be doing that. I got a lot of pictures, and some weren't so great, but others were. Oh, I also didn't know that it would be extremely muddy.

Snow White viewed the pine trees.
 Snow White



  1. Pretty cool pictures of the SMs. Good thing none of them broke in your pocket. That would've been horrible.

  2. Yes, it sure would have. Half way around the trail I was thinking "this was a really dumb idea" but then nothing happened. Glad it wasn't a Classic that I brought along with me, though!

  3. Next time, maybe try a small backpack if it won't interfere with your movement too much.


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