Thursday, September 4, 2014

Frosty-Cold Already?

Ok, I don't know if the Title makes any sense...but you will figure it out by the time I am done.

Frosty (brother to Flurry) was released on to the Breyer Website a few days ago.

Frosty and Flurry are both in Classic scale, however Flurry is "Shire" ..and Frosty is "Shire B". Breyer made two variations of the same mold a few years back (think Brishen and Laredo). Basically, the only difference between the two is Frosty has his ears to the side, and his head down.
 I was surprised they released Frosty so isn't even fall yet. The grass is still green. It is still over 80 degrees outside. People are still wearing t-shirts and shorts. Unless Breyer Reeves is going by  Russian weather, I think Breyer should have waited till it was a little......frostier. Maybe Breyer just wanted us all to have an early Christmas gift. :)

Oh, here is Flurry for a comparison.


P.S. Here is a random picture of me, one of my best friend's, and my dog at the top of Castlewood Canyon on my birthday. Love this picture!

Left to right: Risa, Me, and Maddie. (Risa is the dog). 

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