Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Story Of The Horse: Collin

I am sure that you all know who my favorite model horse is.


Yes, it is Collin. He is so photogenic in every way, flashy, and just a stunning model. I am waiting for his IMEHA results (the judge is 58.1 % done with the breed show he is in) with an anxiety and excitement. This (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) pretty much describes my excitement. Anyway, back to what I was originally going to talk about..........

I bought Collin at Dover Saddlery last year on December 26th. I had always wanted him since he had come out on the Breyer website earlier (way earlier) that year, but I had always skipped over him when I would come to buy models. As I was in the store debating over him and O Leary's Irish Diamond, my younger sister said "Come on, Alyssa. You have always wanted him, and I am sure that he will do very well in MEPSA. Just get him already!"

So I did.

He has gone to win both Grand and Reserve champions in MEPSA, and hopefully it will be the same for him in the IMEHA. 

I will announce the IMEHA results when I see them. :)


  1. I love the third to last photo! So pretty :)

    1. Thank you!! Collin is a very photogenic boy. :)


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