Monday, July 27, 2015

Bobby Jo Mojo

Aww!! In love with this horse. 

Photo by Kristen Beverly, of Five Paws Studio. Check her  blog out here

I hardly ever love a Breyer model as much as I love this one. Bobby Jo is painted as a Red Dun Overo, one of my favorite colors. Because she is a Premier Model, the price for her (if you are part of the Premier Club) is $175.  You can Pre-Order her on MH$P for around $250. I am enjoying the way Breyer has recently been doing a better job in the sculpting department, which adds more realism to the model. Sadly, because I happen to own a horse who eats money and then poops it out, I will not be getting her. But hopefully she will be in a regular run soon enough. :)


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  1. She's beautiful, isn't she? I'm really hoping to find one (I guess I should actually get on that!).


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