Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I am working on a branch-off from this blog focusing on just Ollie. This new blog has not been released yet, but hopefully it will be soon!! So I did a video for it this afternoon. Enjoy!!



  1. Good Idea!
    I only wish that you knew how to ride better. You can sit on a horse and walk trot canter gallop but if I gave you a dressage or high level jumping horse I think you would find that you could not handle them. I also do believe that if you were to work with difficult horses instead of willing ones, you would discover that you really don't know anything at all.
    I wish you would invest more time in following the methods of a decent trainer.
    Clinton's way is fine in some areas, but in most situations your horse learns respect but not to bond with you. You seem very nice and sweet, but I do think that you are a bit over confident in your abilities and blind to the fact that while Ollie is learning to respect you he is also learning that he can't bond with you without being punished.
    World Class Show horse! Not with someone who rides like you on his back! Your equitation and amateurish style would embarrass him deeply!
    Yes he's cute, yes he's semi talented but you, my sweet friend are not ready of anything near the show ring!

    This probably is coming off as increadibly harsh! I promise you, it is not meant to discourage, nor slam you unjustly. I am meerly trying to give you a dose of reality.
    Life with horses is hard, if you want to be a trainer of any kind than you need some serious work. You seem comitted, dedicated and passionate, don't lose that! It is the most important things you need when working with horses. I like that your so open about your faith, I am a believer too, my favorite verse is 1 Timothey 4:12, read it. I try to live by it.
    Again I am not in anyway trying to be mean!!!!!!
    I think you do have what it takes to be a great horsewoman, but your moving faster than you are capable of.
    Slow down learn some basic riding skills and look into other training methods besides Clinton, try combining the ones you like best to make your own system.
    It's working for me, and my horsey friends are not as forgiving as Ollie (and he's adorable btw!)

    1. Thank you for being honest in my ability to train and ride my horse. I have used quite a few other trainers and have found Clinton to work the best. Yes, my posture in the saddle was bad for a while, because that is how I was taught for about 8 years but over the past few months I have been working hard on my overall position and balance in the saddle and I have been doing much better. I will hopefully get more pictures (and a video!) of that.

      I have ridden dressage horses and hunter jumpers. I have ridden OTTB's and have worked with other horses extensively. It is my passion, and I am working to be better everyday. It is a working progress, but I am getting closer to my goal of being in the show ring, even though progress may be slow.

      You do not know how much work I put into my horses to be bonded to them and learn from them. You only see what I post on social media. Maybe you would change your mind if you saw Ollie and I together. :)

      Yes, I am very open about my christian faith, and I find that to be very important in my life. I love 1 Timothy 4:12! It is a great verse.

      And for my horses as being to thin, yes, Ollie is thin. He gets 2 1/2 flakes of hay in the morning, 2 1/2 flakes in the evening, 1 1/2 pounds of senior feed in the evening, and special omega supplements for his health, as well as some olive oil. He is a harder keeper, and we are trying to find the best diet for him so that he can gain some weight.

      Again, thank you for your honesty.

  2. Your horses are all also way too thin

  3. I can't wait to read the new blog!


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