Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yet Another One-Meet Sherman

..and next week I wouldn't be surprised if we bought a mule!!!

Let me boil it down. It all started October 15th....
Week 1-New Horse (Ollie)
Week 2-Two New Kittens (Snickers and Jimper)
Week 3-New Miniature Horse (Tucker)
Week 4-New Horse (Sherbet Sherman)

That is right. Meet my mom's new horse, Sherbet Sherman.

Sherbet  Sherman is a 10 year old QH gelding. He has cutting and racing bloodlines, and loves to trail ride-just what my mom wanted. While I am focusing on a showing and maybe endurance career with Ollie, my mom likes trail rides and just hanging out with her horse. When she met Sherbet  Sherman he just fit the bill perfectly. She saw him six times before she decided to buy him. She also got his tack-included in his price!!!!

He is a very sweet (and durably built) horse. He has got quite a bunch of muscle!!!!
I cannot wait to photograph the family Christmas picture-I have many ideas incorporating the 5 horses, 1 dog, and the 2 cats!!!



  1. Wow! Haha, congrats....again! Sherman is a beautiful horse :)

    1. Thank you. I cannot believe that we got THREE new horses in the past four weeks. geez.


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